My First Blog

Yea! My very first attempt at blogging. What a cool way to stimulate the brain cells!

I did leave my heart in the Northern San Francisco Bay Area.

Oh………one year ago. What happened then? How did it happen? Where did it happen? Why did it happen? I can answer all but the WHY did it happen. I was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia (LBD) What the heck is that? I read about one line on this type of dementia way back in medical school and then again in my residency in psychiatry.  Psychiatry is the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. Psychiatrists are physicians who prescribe appropriate medication and do therapy to treat of a variety of conditions, from depression to schizophrenia.  I was taught that "if you see this term on your medical licensure examination, make sure you know it is a type of dementia. Period, paragraph. That’s what Drs. generally know about LBD. Pathetic. Especially when it is the 2nd largest group of dementias. Alzheimer’s Disease is the most common of the dementias.

I can only concentrate for short periods of time. So enough for today.

Dr. David


7 Responses

  1. Although I’m very sorry you have been diagnosed, I’m so glad you’ve decided to blog. As a psychiatrist, and with the medical training you have, you can do a sorely needed job in the education of people with early symptoms or early diagnosis. And you can help the families who care for them.
    The need for accurate information about the subjective experiences of people with dementia is substantial. And direction in how to get an accurate diagnosis once concerns have arisen is exponentially bigger.
    You can still have an impact in medicine and psychiatry in your newer role. I’d love to see you take up the reins!

  2. I hope that some time you might comment on which type of specialist (neurologist, psychiatrist, gerontologist, family doctor) would be the most appropriate for a dementia patient to see for diagnosis and follow-up.

    Did you have any dementia patients in your forensic psychiatric practice?

  3. God bless you, Dr. Dave!

    You are still practicing medicine though not in the traditional way. You are now practicing in the 21st Century mode and we are all anxious to learn from you.

    I found your comment on how much you learned about LBD in medical school interesting. That’s about what I suspected our GP learned. He is a wonderful man, but he just thinks dementia is dementia. Sigh…… we’re working on him. LOL

    Sending a cyber hug!

  4. Dr. David,
    You are a wonderful and proficient writer. I cried with you and will continue to cry as you write (blog) -I am sure it helps sometimes. You give me coping hope as a caregiver to my wonderful husband. And your information is invaluable. If you can deal with all of this, I too with faith and a desire to be a servant as our Lord was, can handle the downside of life cause I had a lot of upside!! You truly are an encourager and I will walk with you to encourage you when I can.
    Love ya, Dorie

  5. Your blog was referred by our local chapter of LBD, my husband Tom Graboys author of “life in the Balance” was a cardiologist in Boston and was diagnosed first with Parkinson’s and then LBD. In reading your blog the similarities are enlighting , you DR’s are masters at denial when it comes to yourselves. You are continuing to be a Dr. by writing this very informative and helpful blog. Thank you and please feel free to contact my husband…Your sense of humor is the best medicine.
    Vicki Graboys

  6. Dr. Thomas is an amazing man!!!!! I have known him for several years & he is a trooper and the very best psychiatrist and person forever and ever and will never be forgotten!!!!

  7. Glenda………..thanks for the very kind words. I think you’ve overestimated me. I’m just like anyone else!

    I wish the best to you and to Cliff………..


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