Tuesday October 14, 2008

Instead of using the word problem, try substituting the word opportunity.




Not a real good day today. I feel confused and foggy. Tremors as usual. Sleepy even though I slept well last night. Walking slowly. Not depressed. I need a nap….maybe I’ll feel better.


1. Unlike other forms of dementia, sufferers of Lewy body dementia can
experience large fluctuations in symptoms. The patient has periods of being alert, coherent, and oriented that alternate with periods of being confused and unresponsive to questions (although awake). This fluctuation is a relatively specific feature of LBD.

2. Retrieval from memory may be relatively worse than memory storage.

3. Patients may do relatively well with ability to retrieve a word when needed in conversation and poorly on tests of visuospatial skills (eg, drawing a clock, copying figures).

4. Patients may have some parkinsonian signs but usually not enough to meet the criteria for a diagnosis of PD.

5. Mild gait impairment is relatively frequent and should not be ascribed to old age or osteoarthritis.

6. Resting tremor occurs less frequently than in PD.


One Response

  1. Dr David, please get rest as needed. Of course we/I miss your thoughts on a daily basis but the things you have written in the short while you have been keeping the diary have taken my understanding to a newer level. You let me know more what my husband has been going through. I thought I knew and now you have added validity to my guesses. He is years further down the path of this condition than you but he greets me with a smile each and every morning. How can I give up when he does not??!! We enjoy one another immensely! DrP

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