Wednesday October 22, 2008

Use credit cards only for convenience, never for credit.   



Those brain teasers! Well, I think my favorite ones are the Logic Puzzles. I definitely feel smarter whenever I do them. I will have to get back into it again. Guess I’ll start today. I have some Dell books packed away somewhere. So I’ll check for some online ones. Here’s a sample one I plan to review before I start.



Arbor Day Planting Logic Puzzle


Each of four men who live in Willowbrook Estates on the city’s north side, planted a different type of tree in their front yard on Arbor Day. From The clues, determine the first and last name of each man and the type of tree each planted.


1. George, Mr.Clary, and Mr. Becker (who got his tree from HomeTown Garden Center) all live within three blocks of one another.


2. Mr. Clary planted neither the cedar tree or the maple tree.


3. Harvey and Mr. Clary live next door to one another.


4. The ash tree was not planted by neither John nor Ivan.


5. The maple tree was not the tree planted by George (who is not surnamed Delgado).


6. Mr. Erichsen isn’t the man who planted the ash tree.


7. John, who purchased his tree at the Green Thumb Greenhouse, isn’t the man who planted the sycamore.


           How to solve a Logic Puzzle
















Tomorrow……………Should you add Omega 6 and 9 fatty acid supplements to your diet?










One Response

  1. Dear Dr. David,

    My husband Gordon is 76 and in about stage 4 of LBD. He can’t speak in full sentences and usually they don’t make sense. He needs help with all ADL’s, walks a lot although he has parkinsonian symptoms, tremors and shuffling. He is incontinent etc. His previous anger and agitation is under control with meds. He takes, aricept (couldn’t tolerate namenda) aggrenox, celexa, risperdal, depacote and sinemet. The neurologist just decreased his risperdal and his parkinsonian systems decreased some.
    I picture his life and being in a bubble where he doesn’t react or interact with most people. He knows me and some of the family.

    He seems content and safe and I think happy. He lives at Adobe House (all dementia facility ) and I’m quite pleased with them. They like us both and take good care of him. I see him most everyday and do alot of research on LBD and share it with the nurse. I’m on the Robin Riddle list serve(out of Stanford) and she sends me alot of info on dementia. I’ll forward some thing of hers to you so you can have the link if you would like that. She is a wealth of information.

    Maybe you could add a reading list to your blog. I very much enjoyed reading Dr. Graboys book and am sure you will find it interesting and informative. I also read “Ambiquous Loss” by Dr. Pauline Boss and it really put a word to how I was feeling.

    I like the games you are doing and will try and solve the Arbor day Planting puzzle. Thank you for it and thank you for your blog. I’m learning alot from you.

    Sincerely, Hope Stewart

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