Wednesday October 29, 2008


Don’t be afraid to say “I’m sorry.”


Yes! It’s our first day of snow! Big snow flakes whorling through the air. Looks like there’s 1″ out there so far and possibly getting 3″ today. Not too bad for this time of year. I remember it snowing at the beginning of October.


I thought I’d write some thoughts about caregivers today. I’m sure most of them already know these things but I’ll jot them down anyhow.


  1. Don’t worry about whether or not something makes sense. I have emotions which are still powerful and valid — I just may not be able to piece everything together. I actually get a little more distressed and anxious when I feel I’m not understood. I would prefer that my emotions are accepted instead of the reasons or logic behind something which leads up to the emotions.
  2. I’m good at still reading body language. Try to keep a warm and gentle facial expression for me when you are trying to correct me or to help me. It would help to keep my anxiety down.
  3. Let me save face. I probably already know something is wrong but I still have an ego!
  4. Sometimes it’s a little more difficult for me to be able to abstract. Keep it easy. Just use simple concrete language and questions.
  5. Ask me how I feel about things but don’t try to talk me out of something (unless it’s dangerous for me). Just let me know you’re trying to help me.

I keep talking about how our brain continues to grow whenever we learn new things. So, today I’m learning a new knitting technique called Portuguese knitting. I read the review about it on Carole Wulster’s Knitter’s Blog. I’m excited about it like a kid at Christmas. It doesn’t take much to make my happy! From her review it may help me to knit more smoothly with the tremors. It might even help to cut down on my right rotator cuff problem if I knit to much.


Oh, yea. Finally pleasant dreams last night. Hurrah!


Now to lunch and then on to learn Portuguese knitting.




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