My to Do List on Reading Books — Alzheimer’s Disease, Lewy Body Dementia and Other Dementias


Today I am reading and reviewing books on Alzheimer’s disease, Lewy Body Dementia (LBD) and all other types of dementia.

"Life in the Balance"I’m currently reading “Life in the Balance” by Thomas Graboys, MD. Although it is not a thick book, I am having difficulty reading it. Not because I can’t concentrate on it. Maybe because of the emotions it is invoking in me. My feelings range between anger, pity, empathy, sorrow, sadness and respect. None of these really stand out. But they are there nonetheless. It is one of those books that I can only digest a few pages at a time and then I need to put it down. I will figure those feelings out though. I certainly has taken courage for Dr. Graboys to speak out so graphically and profoundly. Keep it up, Dr. Graboys!

Could it be Dementia?

Could it be Dementia?

What a pleasant surprise! I received a complimentary copy of the book “Could it be Dementia“? authored by Louise Morse and Roger Hitchings. I’ve only perused it briefly but it promises to be a practical yet powerful book which offers hope for those affected by dementia. The reviews look spectacular! This book insists that losing your mind doesn’t mean losing your soul. “Perhaps the greatest encouragement, for residents and carers alike, is seeing the Holy Spirit at work in His people,” say Louise and Roger. “In a worship meeting, someone who normally does not speak will unexpectedly pray the most cogent, appropriate prayer. In countless other ways the Holy Spirit is seen to be present with God’s precious ‘aged pilgrims’.” This book offers information and reassurance gleaned from the extensive experience of Pilgrim Homes, a foundation going back to 1807 that has helped and cared for thousands of elderly people.

Another sighting is from Helene Moore who wrote “Behind the Mask.” It is just another of many books which I’ve come across online which seem invaluable for readers. Now it’s a matter of finding the time to read them all!

Behind the Mask

Behind the Mask





5 Responses

  1. Dear Dr. Thomas

    Since you are a medical doctor and psychiatrist, have you ever considered reviewing the multiple books on aging, the elderly and dementia? I mean, critiquing them professionally and then posting your thoughts and comments on your blog. It might help us lay people to be able to weed out so many of the books so we could just read the ones we find interesting. Given the time I need to help care for my father, it would be easier to pick from a list that was prepared by someone like yourself. Thank you for your time.

  2. I will be interested in reading your opinion on Dr. Graboys book. I was thinking about buying a copy. Maybe I will wait to hear from you.


  3. David, you are doing such a wonderful job in relating not only your story, but by promoting “must read” books for others. In 2003 when we first heard the “sentence” of “probable” PD with LBD, there was nothing to inform me what was ahead nor how we were going to handle the what ifs. Once I found the MJ Fox Foundation, the LBDA and then MIND, and had to accept the bare bones facts of Neurodegenerative diseases it became clear that I had to participate in finding solutions. Since then our Carmen Foundation has been not only financially supporting those organizations, but also funding projects likd Conversations With Caregivers at the MGH Senior Health department in Boston, and educational programs in Bend, including three nursing scholarships with the proviso of presenting a unit on LBD.

    Still, so many people, even those in the medical arena say they have never heard of LBD..thus our “mission” for 2009 is to continue to bring LBD information to light.

    I met with Tom Graboys and his wife, Vicki, when I was in Boston this month. Tom will be appearing in several media programs and is very willing to put himself “out there” to educate the public.

    blessings to you, Marjorie Carmen

  4. Ahhhh, David,

    Do you think a lack of a certain vitamin or mineral may have something to do with dementia. I know in the the USA most physicians are not really that well trained in nutrition but it is something to think about isn’t it.

    You know I am surprised that the public thinks that dementia is only an old age disease. It also can attack young people for a variety of reasons.

    As active as you are keeping your brain, I wonder about you getting this dementia. However you may not realize it but you are a blessing to other people. I wish that some friends of mine could write to you. I do not know how they would take my suggestion. Sometimes when people go through rough times like this they do not take kindly to any suggestions.

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