8 Things I am Happy about Today


Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland


  1. I am greatful that there is a God and that He loves me.
  2. I am greatful for Pam and Chad who watch over me even when I am not aware of it.
  3. I am greatful for warmth, clothing, shelter and food.
  4. I am greatful to not have a lot of money.
  5. I am greatful to just live today.
  6. I am greatful for the good health I do have.
  7. I am greatful to be able to minister unto others.
  8. I am greatful for a few good friends.

5 Responses

  1. In addition to the ones you named;

    Dr David, I am grateful for you and Pam and Chad.

    Yes, Pam and Chad for sharing you with the world.


  2. 9.God give me the strenth to deal with what I don’t have.

  3. David, a beautiful picture, and a beautiful word picture. Everyone should write every day a minimum of three things they are grateful for.
    Today, I am grateful that I feel better than I have for the last 8 weeks.
    Today I am grateful that the warm sunny weather here in Las Vegas warms my bones.
    Today, I am grateful that my husband is well, that he helps and supports me in my Adopt A Caregiver efforts.
    Today, I am grateful that you added me to your blogroll.
    Today, I am grateful to be here, and for my family that I will see the end of next week.
    Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene

  4. Jackie……….your 9th thank you is like the Serenity Prayer. “God help me to accept the things I cannot change.”

    Good comment!


  5. Helene……..very positive thanksgivings you list today. I’ve been told listing things that one is happy for promotes good mental health! So you’ll bet a promotion…..:-)


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