Do You Want to Be a Guest Blogger?

 Would You Like to Be a Guest Blogger?


I would like to add some guest posts to my blog. Even though this is a personal diary, I also believe in teaching and educating others as you have already noticed. It is important to get fresh new voices and ideas. People love really useful information. I like the idea of having something posted on a daily basis, but I don’t want too much stress in order to do it.

It should be something original you have written and are holding the copyright for. The post must something you wrote uniquely for my blog. It will only be published on this blog and not on any other sites (that includes your blog). You will still hold the copyright for your post. Please avoid affiliate links in the blog. But consider adding a short biography of yourself at the end of your article. If you already have a blog or webpage, feel free to add links to one or two of your best posts at the end of your guest post.

It would be helpful to keep the post relevant to the topics of dementia and/or its prevention, brain training, knitting or crafts as it pertains to stimulating the brain, the elderly and elderly care.

I recommend that the post be somewhere between 250-1500 words. Of course, exceptions can be made.

I’ll add images when appropriate. But if you have already found a great image online that is ok to use copyright-wise then feel free to include that link in your email to me. 

I will reserve the right to edit your post in a way that I see fit before publishing. Or reject submissions that I feel aren’t appropriate for this website.

You can send your submissions or any questions you might have to

Many thanks…




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  1. Thanks David this is definitely something to look forward to for the future.

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