Powerful and Inexpensive Christmas Presents

Angela Taylor

Angela Taylor

I am becoming more impressed each time I visit the Tangled Neuron blog. The amount of work involved to make this very informative and accurate blog is astounding. The blog mentions Angela Taylor whom I’ve had the great pleasure of speaking with. She is the chair of the of the Science Committee for the Lewy Body Dementia Association. She is warm, sensitive, caring and has made LBD a platform in her life. Thank you, Angela. You efforts will not go unrewarded!


The Best Christmas Presents

This time of a poor economy, many people are spending less money on others at this Christmas season, particularly those who live on a limited budget. This tends to breed feelings of helplessness and guilt.

It is also a time when the weight of grief seems heavy. This may be the first Christmas without a loved one or friend. It may be the first Christmas where a loved one is still with you but you have ‘lost’ them to dementia.

We all need comforting when grief overcomes us. We tend to have fond and sweet memories of those who took time, always in short supply during the holidays, to bear some of our burden. Is someone you know experiencing a difficult first this Christmas?

You can offer comfort and encouragement by reaching out with loving and sweet remembrances. Not only for a close friend or family member, but reaching out to neighbors, church members, coworkers and even casual acquaintances that are facing a difficult time of transition is important. The simplest gestures you make during the emotional holidays will be sweet to them.


  1. First, one of the best ways to minister to those around you is through prayer. It doesn’t cost you any money. It is powerful. Put the person’s name or picture on the refrigerator and pray during the holidays.
  2. Not only can you pray for your friends, but perhaps you could drop them a note or e-mail to let them know you are doing so! Also, use your note to give a word of encouragement. God entered the world that first Christmas to carry a burden we could not carry ourselves. What a wonderful season to do the same for others.
  3. Don’t be afraid to mention the person they have lost. Nothing is worse than thinking everyone has forgotten the one you loved.
  4. Mention specific memories you have of that person.
  5. Light a candle or place flowers at the front of the church in their loved ones memory.
  6. Be available and a good listener. Consider an invitation to lunch or coffee. So many people avoid the subject of grief that you may find your friend is longing to talk with someone about what they are going through. “How are you really doing?” and “This must be a difficult time for you” are good open ended questions which permit them to openly talk.
  7. Send a note to children who have lost their grandparents. A good time would be when they accomplish something their grandparent would have enjoyed seeing. Remind them how proud their grandparent was of them.
  8. Encourage other friends to mail notes throughout the Christmas season.




3 Responses

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  2. Hi David,
    Those are powerful and and inexpensive presents. Those are the very best, because they are ‘you’ part of your essence.
    I say that about Adopt A Caregiver. Give the gift that lasts forever, and costs nothing.

    Hooray for you.
    Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene

  3. David, from my perspective, being a full time home Caregiver to my beloved husband, that the best of best Christmas present is for any who can, to make a contribution, however small, to one of the organizations working day and night to find antidotes and solutions to the myriad of Neurological disorders plaguing so many of families.

    MIND (Massachusetts Institute of Degenerative Diseases), the MJ Fox Foundations, and the LBDA are three organizations our Carmen Foundation supports.
    There are others as well. All donations to these organizations are tax deductible.

    May the New Year bring breakthroughs in Neurological research.

    blessings to you for the postings you offer, Marjorie Carmen

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