We Like to go Christmas Shopping Too!

I’ve been a little lax recently in doing my brain games and puzzles. There’s something to say about timing. I received an email  2 days ago from Lynn D. who sent a link called Spot the Difference. She says, “I started that last night and didn’t stop until I had advanced about 5 or 6 levels and was way past my bedtime!  I might tackle it again on a day when time isn’t an issue. It’s a great mind exercise, especially as the levels advance.”

Well, I’m like a little kid today. Isn’t if funny how we all take things for granted. I always took having a car for granted. I miss it terribly now. So Pam is taking me Christmas shopping today and I am so excited. I’m kind of embarrassed to even say it. But not being able to get out when one wants to isn’t always easy. Just to get in the car to go get gas, buy some milk or just take a little ride. Although I bothers me that I cannot drive, I’m delighted that Pam can still drive and we can go out together. I’m reminded of some days in the past that I even thought Christmas shopping was a chore! Not now! Funny how things change over time.

Remember, anyone with a disability still gets excited too.

Enough for now. I have to get ready!



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  1. Hello David,

    Have a terrific day out Christmas shopping.

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