Post Christmas Shopping and Pam’s Pain Specialist

Well I had a good time shopping yesterday. I learned several things though. I understand more and more why the experts say to keep the demented individual in familiar and comfortable surroundings.

When I am home, I don’t usually sense many gait problems. Pam and Chad have learned to deal with my word finding problems. Sometimes, I find myself making up words as a substitute for the right word. And they usually fill in the blanks and don’t even mention it to me.

But yesterday, Pam dropped me off at Barnes & Nobles while she had some other errands to do. In the store walking around, it felt as though I were trying to balance on a tight rope. An unusual sensation. I compensated unconsciously by just touching the bookracks, etc.

I also realized the word finding was definitely a problem. I asked several employees to help me find something. I couldn’t think of the right words. Instead, I had to define the words and they came up with the right word. It was embarrassing so I came right out and told them I suffered from Lewy Body Dementia. They were extremely kind and understanding. But, more importantly, it was a great way of educating other people about the disease. So, it was a great way of turning an embarrassing negative event into a positive one for all of us.

I went with Pam to her pain specialist today. She suffers from chronic neck, shoulder and back pain. Today she received some injections. Hopefully this will help for a couple of months in addition to all the other meds she takes for the pain.

On one of these quiet days, I’ll start writing about illusions, delusions and hallucinations. I think you’ll find it rather fascinating!



3 Responses

  1. Actually David, a good experience. I think people need to know and understand and be compassionate about others not as fortunate as themselves.
    You did a good job, and a good deed.
    I admire and congratulate you.
    Tell Pam I’m sorry about her pain. a lot of it might be from stress. We don’t feel the stress, but it seems to come out in our bodies.
    Love and kisses to both of you. Helene

  2. Hello David,

    Thankyou so much for the insight as to how you felt and your coping techniques.
    Yesterday afternoon Dad didn’t have such a good day (parkinson part and he was depressed) and I thought perhaps I would get him out of the house today and take him grocery shopping. Mum and him used to shop there together, for years and dad enjoys selecting different things. So I thought its quite familiar but I think now I will wait till Monday (this weekend will be tooooo busy for Dad) and see how he goes over the weekend. Instead, I think a drive down to our local river to watch nature is the go for today.


  3. Howdy From Texas, David,

    Don and I decided to come right out and talk openly to
    anyone outside our home that didn’t know LBD. I passed out the little companion cards to give them the WEB site. We have had many interesting conversations.

    I highly praise you on your talking. It takes a real man to take the bull by the horns and wrestle him down.
    I also understand your feeling displaced and not feeling you can walk properly.

    Don went through the same experience. No matter where we went he would stop by the first person he saw and ask for directions, even though I knew exactly where we were going. He would go a ways and ask the next person. I just let him alone. He too, touched walls, rails, counters, etc.

    Don also has a terrible time trying to talk. I have figured out some of it, but he gets frustrated and says I’ll tell you later.

    I understand Pam’s pain. I have four vertibra that need to be fused in my neck. Lately I have started getting numbness in one hand. I will tell the doctor, as that is one of the signs that it’s time to do something.

    Tell Pam I am terribly sorry. I hope Pam is seeing a Neurologist, and an Orthopedic surgeon. Of course with your being a Doctor you will be able to name the best.

    My best to all of you and may all of you continue to be happy.

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