Residents’ sexual needs an issue for nursing homes

Sex is one of those topics which seems to be a taboo among many people. Along with food appetite, sleep appetite, thirst appetite, etc., we all have a sexual appetite regardless of whether it is discussed or acted upon. Age is no barrier to any appetite, regardless of old wives’ tales and myths. Unfortunately, the sexual appetites of individuals with dementia are not addressed regardless of where he/she resides.

Sexual activity in any facility or institution has been and continues to be problematic for many patients and administrators alike. Long term health facilities such as state hospitals, facilities for the developmentally disabled, prison, jails and nursing homes are all places where sexual activity abounds but people either don’t think about it or don’t want to think about it.

I came across this article today which is very timely and something we cannot ignore. I’m glad this is being addressed. I highly suspect this will continue to surface as our population continues to live longer.

Here is the link: Residents’ sexual needs an issue for nursing homes


2 Responses

  1. It is interesting that you bring this up, as my mom’s nursing home already
    has a policy in place re: sexual needs among the residents. They are given
    privacy should they request it, without disturbance. In my mom’s case, she
    and a male resident there both have legal guardians and we’ve both given our
    consent for them to have a sexual relationship. The nursing home has
    accomodated them, and now my mom has a private room – I suspect part of the
    reason is because of her friend.

    By the way, I subscribe to your blog and read it voraciously as soon as it
    arrives each day :). Your thoughts and ideas and feelings have become very
    important to many of us, I’m sure.

  2. Hey David,

    I finally got time to have a good read of your blog again. I won’t comment on your blog from the 19th because I don’t really have time (it’s almost 2am here) but I just wanted to post here for those interested in the sexuality issue that there is a 1hour video lecture on the topic of sexuality and dementia at the very bottom of my other web page (i.e. not my news page):



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