Holiday tips to handle dementia

Before I forget. I want to thank everyone for the 100s of emails I get daily. I read each and everyone of them but just can’t answer all of them everyday. So my apologies. Please don’t take it personally. But they are all helpful and encouraging to me even when you just ask me questions. You are not forgotten. I was really feeling pretty proud of myself for thinking that I was beginning to remember everyone’s name and something about them. Then the other day, I got mixed up with some “Helens.” A lot of same first names. Oh, well. Just chalk it up to those senior moments!! Smile, smile.

I came across this article this morning. Holiday tips to handle dementia. Looks like it could be a helpful article.

My ‘dogtag’ should be arriving today. We finally decided to get one from American Medical ID. Since I have wandered out at night and drove the car during one of those abnormal REM episodes, we’ll will certainly feel better about it. If anyone decides to get one, I did find another website which has a coupon for free shipping. It saved me $6.00. I liked the options it gave me for engraving. Very nice.

I can’t seem to get the energy up to write about illusions, etc. I started a draft post on it. But one of these days soon I’ll finish it. I like to feel real sharp when I do an educational post.

Pam and Chad just left to do some last minute Christmas shopping. We’re celebrating our Christmas tomorrow. Chad has to work on Monday and then he goes into the hospital on Tuesday for major surgery. He’ll be in for several days over Christmas. That’ll be a good time for me to get caught up with some reading, crafts, etc. They’ll be long days. We all know how that can be rather boring. He’s having bariatric by-pass surgery. Has been dieting to no avail since childhood. So this’ll be a positive change for him in his life.

Am going to try to read this afternoon and knit a little bit on Pam’s mittens.

Have a good Saturday to all.



2 Responses

  1. David, I love reading your Blog.

    Is Chad your child? Or other relative? I thought he was a child.

    All of my children have been thin or certainly of the correct weight, except one daughter. She couldn’t get it off. She is a throw back to my mother’s family. All grossly over weight. So, she had the surgery. She looks and feels fabulous. She is looking to be a dean next year.

    I am eager to read your comments about illusions. If you have a sharp day to do it, then you will be better than me. I’m sharp like “Duh.” Not to worry about it, just do it natural as you are. I know, I know. It’s educational.

    There is one thing that caught my attention. Are you still driving? My husband willingly gave the car keys to me when he nearly had a wreck.

    We got Safe Return bracelets from the Alzheimer’s Association. They help many types of patients.

    Oh, and you know me, My name is difficult to get mixed with anyone

    Pam will cherish your mittens. Have a wonderful day with your family.


  2. Hello David,

    Sending Chad lots of best wishes for his upcoming surgery.

    I too are interested in your insights into hallucinations. Dad hasn’t reached this stage but I want to be prepared as much as I can in trying to understand. Hopefully a better understanding will help me to know the best way to deal with them.
    But only when you feel up to it.

    I thankyou for the all information you provide.

    Have a terrific day.

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