Miranda’s Thought Provoking Comment

Miranda writes an interesting comment today. What do others think?

Contrary to you I do believe Ginko improves cognitive functions because it has improved my mothers faculties.
I can however not get over the conflict of interest between the pharmaceutical industry and the scientific reserach.
Of course you are a physician and believing there is something worng with all that will put your entire life under a difficult light.
If alternative medicine does not work why would we spend so much money on it?
I am not an MD but I am a Master of Sciences and I do not need a doctor to see what works. For me many herbal remedies do work.
I cured myself of endometriosis when doctors believe it is incurable.
Because people can think for themselvesand canexperiment with their life they go for herbal treatements which do not give side effects and help improve our quality of life.
These are the reasons why we spend money on herbals.
By the way I am not an american. English is not my moother language.


3 Responses

  1. Miranda, I sense a touch of arrogants, and anger toward Doctors. Many such as our very own David is humble and study hard in order to help cure our sick.

    The cure for endometriosis brings up questions in my mind. Were you going into menapause already? Did you have hormal problems that masked the endomitriosis? I don’t for a minute believe you cured her own endometriosis. That is tissue growing outside the uterus. There had to have been a hormon change to cause that tissue to wither. Do you know for a fact that you used the right dosage of herbs to cure your problem without causing others of which you are yet to discover?

    If you believe in your treatments then enjoy, but for goodness sake don’t slam a fine Doctor like David. You appall me.

  2. Herbs must be approached with a good deal of education prior to diving in. Gingko helps with tinnitus, too. Yet, when a blood thinner is added, as with most elderly, the impact could be amplified. Vitamin E is helpful on many levels yet starting with a dose too high or accelerating a dose in an individual with high blood pressure could precipitate a stroke. Yes, supplements and herbs can be very beneficial. But, education must come before experiments. Education must be into the various properties of herbs, how they might interact with prescribed medications and, certainly, an understanding of any underlying health issues in the person taking the supplements/herbs. Always proceed with caution.

    By the way, overuse/misuse of supplements/herbs may be the very trigger to a path already practiced in Europe…that of a physician having to write an prescription in order for the patient to have access.

    It’s all too easy to find the attitude of “if one is good, two is better and quicker”. Education, education, education…

  3. For Imogene:

    I am still menstruating and I am now cured for 3 years of my endometriosis. I sell no herbals of any kind nor have any business on alternative medicine.

    I however do prepare whatever I use, with well water and very clean alcohol that does not contain chlorine. I also use organic herbs.

    I have no problems with what you believe and have no intention to hold a discussion on what is more real: what you believe or what I believe.
    However your believe (or mine for that matter) do not define reality. They certainly do not define my reality.

    I know I am cured, that’s why I treat myslef, my husband and my animals with herbals.
    This would be my answer to why we spend money in herbals. Because in my reality they work.
    Is that really arrogant?

    Of course I educate myself first with knowledge, just Science seem not to have the monopoly of knowledge.
    Not for me at least.

    By the way: I am educated, educated- educated….Besides I have no intention to kill myself or those I love I do love reserach and experiment with lots of care and creativity.

    By the way I saw no comment of yours at all on the conflict of interest between the Pharmaceutical industry and Scientific research promoted by them.

    I do not see Dr David considering my comments as an insult. . I do not believe David wants us to treat him as if he is permanently discapacitated…But….

    For David:
    I apologise in advance for the case my comments were hard on you. Please let me know openly of that’s the case and I will again apologise in public for whatever it is that could have hurt you.

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