Sweet “16” Rolls Around Again!

sweet-16pa-drivers-licenseAnd they say Sweet 16 never comes around again! Well, someone is wrong. Today marks the beginning of a wonderful Happy New Year for me!

Just returned from Pittsburgh after seeing my neurologist for a regular checkup. He said, “You’re doing very well. It goes to show just how well the Aricept and Namenda works for people.” He was very pleased. And, surprise, surprise. I get to drive again but only with an “autopilot” on board. That’s fine with me. Just to feel 16, independent and to be able to get behind that wheel again. How do I describe it??!!

Other than sleeping difficulties, he sees a marked improvement since adding the Namenda to Aricept. I’ll continue the Klonopin for the REM sleep behavior disorder. For sleep he’s adding a small dose of trazodone. Thank gosh I don’t have to take Seroquel at this point. Will start the trazodone at 50-mg at bedtime and can increase it to 150-mg if necessary.

I’m not surprised with the trazodone. It’s a standard non-habit  agent for sleep. It is actually an antidepressant but the doses need to achieve an antidepressant effect are so high that the patient would be sleepy all the time. So, in essence, it is pretty much used now as an adjunct sleeper when trying to avoid drugs which produce tolerance. I feel comfortable with this since it’s something which I’ve prescribed over the years to hundreds of patients.

Oh, by the way. He truly thinks the Lewy Body Dementia Association is phenomenal!

Fact or Fiction?

In the 1960s, dung beetles were imported into Australia to reduce the number of cow dung pads.

Warmly………….David Thomas

(True. Their digging activity aerates the soil, sumultaneously releasing the nutrients in the dung to the soil).


6 Responses

  1. Wonderful that you get to drive again! And that you are doing so well! Enjoy being 16 again.
    (this is 3B Digital Art, by the way 😉 )

  2. Awesome David! Happy driving! I know that LBD is different from AD, but I was wondering if exercise has a positive effect on LBD as well? When I took care of my Dad with AD, I noticed that after he walked to music (the beat helped him develop his old walking cadence), he would be much clearer of mind for several hours.

  3. I would have never guessed that angle in a million years! Hahahaha I’d still be sitting here turned to bone.
    I thought I was a genius, but I guess not. LOL

  4. And thanks for the fun. It was interesting. At first I thought it was a puzzle and I had to match the lines together and then I read more closely that it was the next in a series, so then I thought it was something that had to fit into the last space of the last figure. I would have never thought of it as digits. My mind isn’t that developed. Hahahahaha

  5. Congratulations, David, and happy driving!
    I couldn’t even figured out what the meaning of “next in a series” was. I guess my English still needs much improvement…
    Oh! and thank you for posting that letter to Pres. Obama. I signed it. Love, Raquel

  6. Glad for you, but be careful with the Trazadone. It keeps your seretonin elevated and the result of that is a depletion in your neurotransmitter’s abilities to produce Dopamine. An inadequate supply of Dopamine causes — dementia. Along with a lot of other nasty things. Short term Trazadone use is great, but my dad was put on 100mg when my mother died and somehow it slipped through the cracks and he stayed on it for ten years. His dementia is now very serious. Unable to prove this is due to the trazadone, but we’ve seen improvement since taking him off of it. For one thing, he’s not cold all the time any more.

    One alternative to Trazadone – and forgive me if I’m a total idiot here and if it’s wrong for your medical problem – but have you looked into 5-HTP? It stimulates seretonin production w/o being an uptake inhibitor, so you are actually producing more seretonin, not just recycling the old stuff, year after year. Maybe your doctor will look into it.

    All the best,
    Margaret W.

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