It’s Saturday Night Live — Relax with this Brain Teaser!

Which figure comes next in this series?


Choose from:


Stop by tomorrow for the answer!     Enjoy your evening!



3 Responses

  1. Hmmmm, my guess is C. I will be curious now, can’t wait to see the answer. These things drive me nuts, but I like them and the challenge. My husband used to be good at these and word puzzles. He loved them. Thanks for getting my brain to spin, more than spin it’s in a whirl. LOL

  2. I’m guessing “D.” It’s one of those “feels right” situations. LOL, that instinct has never been one to trust but it’s always been fun.

  3. […] the best of my knowledge, no one chose the correct answer from this block puzzle the other day. If anyone did, they didn’t make a comment on […]

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