Nice Links for Caregivers and Dementia — Another Word Sequence Puzzle

I want to say thanks to all of you who commented on Hope’s situation. I hope the comments were helpful to here. Here is a site I just came across this morning. I thought of Hope right away. Family Caregiving 101

Yesterday proved to be interesting to me. I went for a haircut. For some reason, the Parkinsonian symptoms of my LBD started to get worse. My leg muscles seemed a little more stiff than usual and I seemed to be walking slower with some balance problems. The tremors were more marked than usual and I had some difficulty signing the credit card slip. My handwriting was definitely smaller than usual. Even the hairdresser commented on it. She said she was familiar with my symptoms since her uncle suffers from pure Parkinson’s disease. But, again, one day at a time. It just reminded me that Lewy lurks in the shadows…

It seems like Christmas was just yesterday. How did we manage to get to January 7th so quickly? Time really is flying by.

‘More brains needed’ if dementia cure found

Here’s a great post with nice pictures on Parkinson’s Disease Dementia.

Which is the next word in this sequence?

Word sequence puzzle

Choose from:

Word sequence puzzle options

Check in tomorrow for the correct answer!

Warmly……………David Thomas


6 Responses

  1. I seem to be getting better at this sort of thing! I look forward to tomorrow’s answer to see whether I’m right. Thanks for the exercise!

  2. Janet emailed me saying:

    My guess is: icon This is why I think it is icon, it looks like a pyramid from the word “base” down to the word “upstart” and so with icon at the bottom it would be the reverse from the word “helicon” tapering down to the smaller word “icon.” The word “base” from the top goes out to the word upstart and then it starts to go in again from helicon to my guess “icon.”
    Thanks for all your informative information. I want this month to slow down and the year too. In three more weeks it’s my birthday. 61 YIKES!!!! You’re wondering how we got to January 7th so quickly, how do you think I feel?!! LOL

  3. Dr. Poe emailed me this:

    Your post are interesting. Dementia of any form is difficult to grasp . Glad you are giving hope to your readers. Keep up with the good work.


  4. icon, cause it’s a vowel thing.

  5. Flute because it has five letters. The first has four, then five, then jumps to seven, another seven, then back to six, so I’m going for flute.

  6. meridian.

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