Word Sequence Answer

A very short blog today. I feel extremely fatigued but don’t know exactly why. I’m also having some thoughts which I know aren’t true. Very difficult to concentrate today.

Janet and Cindy both submitted the correct answer for this sequence. However, Cindy picked up the real reason. But I also like Janet’s logical way of thinking.

Which is the next word in this sequence?

Word sequence puzzle

Choose from:

Word sequence puzzle options

The answer is ICON. The 5 vowels repeat through the words in alphabetical order.

This was in one of the emails from a Yahoo Dementia group I saw the other day — check it out……….feel free to post your comments and findings. It would benefit all of us!

Here are some things for your consideration and to research if you are interested:

1. Dimebon
2. Enbrel
3. Cinnamon
4. Methylene blue
5. Curcumin
6. Lithium
7. B12
8. Niacinamide / nicotinamide
9. Cinnamon
10. Medium chain triglycerides (MCT) / coconut oil

Let’s all have a good day!

Warmly………….David Thomas


3 Responses

  1. I know that cinnamon and Vit. B12 are recommended for brain function. In fact, when my husband was having the tests that helped the dx of LBD, he was tested for B12 deficiency. And early when I started posting on the group site, somebody mentioned a study being done with Methylene Blue. Has anything specific been found on those substances for the treatment of LBD?
    I sure hope you are feeling better today, David. I feel blessed to be able to read your blog. May God keep you!

  2. I recently read in Alternatives-For the Health Conscious Individual, newsletter that Niacinamide can reverse dementia symptoms. Do you think that is possible? Why are we not hearing more about it?

    Caregiver for 72 year old father dx. with LBD in 2004.

    • Rhonda……….good question. You just gave me an idea for a blog article. Thanks.


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