Daily Dementia News, The White House, Brain Training System and the Bible

Yesterday proved to be unusual. I didn’t realize that it was Thursday and kept thinking it was Wednesday. Chad told me it was Thursday. But I couldn’t remember a thing from Wednesday……….nothing. It was as though I lost an entire day in my life. AND here’s a kicker! I truly thought Chad had told me he was a secret undercover financial consultant to New York City and the city paid him 1.3 million dollars for his job. But they paid him in cash without taxes. And the money was hidden in our home somewhere. I didn’t dream it. I was truly convinced this was true. Pam and Chad kept telling me to get it out of my head. I was adamant that we had money hidden in the house. Even to the point of my saying, “I won’t tell anybody since I don’t want someone breaking into the house.” Pam finally said, “Just go ahead and think what you want to but there is no money in this house.” Today, I realize it was all false. I’m sure it had something to do with feeling overly exhausted with minimal concentration and focus yesterday. Today seems much better. Given my need to try to analyze things (yes, I am a psychiatrist), I can’t make sense out of this Lewy Body Disease. It is baffling and cunning. No wonder caregivers get frustrated with us!

This should probably be taped to your bathroom mirror where one could read it everyday.You may not realize it, but these are 100% true.

  • There are at least two people in this world that you would die for.
  • At least 15 people in this world love you in some way.

IQ Range

The following is how the world ranks as a whole on IQ tests:

140 or higher: means that you’re a genius (less than 2% of the world population).

120 to 139: means you’re far above average (approximately 10% of the population).

110 to 119: means you’re above average (approximately 15% of the population).

95 to 109: means you’re average (approximately 50% of the population).

80 to 94: means you’re below average (approximately 20% of the population).

Less than 80: honestly it means you’re far below average (approximately 3% of the population), don’t panic if you’re in this category, a recent study showed that people can increase their IQ level to more than 35%, which means that if your IQ is between 80 to 94 (below average), it can change to 110 to 119 (above average) just with training and methods that are considered IQ boosters.

You might be the smartest person in the world and you may not even know it, because most of people don’t know their actual IQ.

Warmly………….David Thomas


5 Responses

  1. Hi David,

    I was mixed up on the days, and I’ve been tested normal, and in the 110 to 119 range, which to me is very average. I kept trying to be a day ahead. Ha! Something with the moon no less. (just being silly and playing here)

    If GOD wanted the Bible on one page he would have had it written it that way. My thoughts.

    I feel the brain can be trained if it is healthy. But, a brain struggling to cope with everything as it is can’t be trained as it overwhelms the poor person. So, please let me play in my own way. And, don’t stress my poor brain. (Laughing at my silliness)

    Best to you,

  2. Dear David and readers,

    Thanks to all for taking time to write to me. I think the greatest pearl of wisdom is to focus on the daily. I read an article called, “Kiss the joy as it flys by” and even the title speaks to the now.

    I need to explain that Gordon is in assisted living now. I was an abused, exhausted caregiver and it became impossible for him to be at home. Now I am his wife again and an advocate for his care and medical needs. It takes time to make sure all the wheels are running smoothly.

    I’m taking care of myself and am generally happy – yesterday just set me back and my bootstraps got loose.

    I do all the things that we need to do – excercise, classes, dogs, gardening, photography, reading. But it is hard to consistantly stay strong. I recommend a book called Ambiguous Loss – learning to live with unresolved grief by Pauline Boss. A light bulb went on when I heard about this book as it put a Name to something that I was exactly feeling.

    These is a benefit I didn’t ithink possible in my relationship with Gordon now. We love each other in a pure kind of way now. He is more like the sweet man I married 33 years ago. We sit quietly not speaking and holding hands. I think of the wonderful years we have had and it is what gets me thru.

    Sincerely, Hope Stewart

  3. […] is Hope’s response to the great folks who commented to […]

  4. Hello David,

    I returned yesterday from my holiday and Dad returns tomorrow from my Brothers. I was speaking to my sister-in-law to see how Dad was doing and we chatted about how she thinks Dad isn’t aware of his bad days. I tended to think otherwise and from reading your post I have a better understanding that he is most likely aware of some of his wandering thoughts. Dad doesn’t discuss with me anything indepth or insightful to what he is thinking. This is the nature of our relationship, him still being parent and not wanting to worry me. He must feel very alone at times.
    I do not need to tell you what I think of this disease but I would like to say how courageous I think you are and thankyou for sharing your personal journey.

    My thoughts go out to you.

    • Thanks for the comment. You raise an interesting topic which I hadn’t thought of before. Yes, SOMETIMES, I am aware that something is wrong or actually know that my thoughts are confused, etc. But, there is a sense of embarrassment and shame which I feel resulting in not always sharing with Pam. Yes, it can be lonely but I try to not allow myself to go into that headset. Sometimes it works and others it doesn’t. When it doesn’t, then I find myself making a joke of myself and laughing. I guess it’s very true that humor helps all of us. Even in very different ways.


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