Pig-Latin, Esperanto and Bilingualism

I’ve replied to several of the comments from my earlier blog today. Check them out if you have a chance. After re-reading the post on “Comments Policy,” I was concerned that I was coming across as an angry school teacher. Not at all. I was trying to help those who emailed me questions about commenting. So, now, I hope I cleared that one up.

My prayer is that the Lord would use the difficulties in my life to help encourage others who may be going through hard times.Today is one of those good days again.

2 good articles for Caregivers:

25 Bad Habits Every Caregiver Should Avoid

30 Signs Your Loved One May Need a Caregiver

This link makes me want to renew my skills and to become fluent again in Spanish. I’ve forgotten many vocabulary words and idioms. Constructed languages for prevention of Alzheimers and Dementia I guess Pig-Latin wasn’t so bad after all! We used to get a good laugh out of doing it.

I’ve added some links on the right side of the page for those who want to subscribe to feeds of this blog. Do you want to learn Esperanto? Click here. And for Pig-Latin, click here. They are definitely worth checking out!

Want to leave a comment? Click here.

Have a good Sunday………….David Thomas


6 Responses

  1. David,
    Can I use the 25 and 30 sights in my blog? I have no problem leaving a link to your blog in there. Since I write about my grandmother and her Alzheimer’s, this would be an ideal tool to add to my posts.

    • Please feel free to use them. If they can help others, then it blesses my soul!


  2. David,
    Thank you and as a footnote, I have decided to learn Pig-Latin. Can you believe I never tried when I was young?! i think it will be something fun for my grandson and I to do together.

    Thanks again for all the great links today!

  3. Dear David, you say you want to “become fluent in Spanish again”, and that means that you used to know and speak Spanish.
    ¡Aquí está tu oportunidad!
    If you’d like to brush up on your Spanish with me, ¡aquí estoy! Escríbeme en español y te corregiré los errores. Y si quieres conversación, puedes llamarme por teléfono: (801) 533-0972.
    I think it will be a wonderful exercise for your brain. My husband spoke perfect Spanish: When he started to lose his ability to talk, many times it was easier for him to understand and speak Spanish than English (his native language). Strange games our brains play!
    Your contributions through this blog and our Web site are wonderful tools to help caregivers and patients. With your knowledge, you can understand and explain some of the baffling things of this illness much better than us. You have been a godsend to all of us. Thank you for your generosity!
    Un abrazo,

    • Wow! What an offer……………..how can I resist that? Many thanks……….maybe I’ll start with some emails.


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