I Want to Remember this Historic Inauguration

Today is that much awaited day for the United States. I plan to spend the day watching and following the Inauguration of Barach H Obama to the President of the United States of America. I hope that I will be able to remember this day for many years to come.

On Sunday, we had 19 inches of snow in the front yard. I shoveled snow in both the front and back of the house. Too much. I should not have done that. I became fatigued and had to lie down after getting a little bit confused. Obviously, my muscles still ache.

And then yesterday. I went for my weekly allergy injection. I’ve been having nosebleeds daily for quite some time, so I finally had the Dr. cauterize my right nostril. It’s a simple procedure which I’ve had done before. But yesterday was different. My nose swelled up with total right sided congestion, continuous clear fluid dripping, pain over my right face, eye and jaw. Makes me wonder if the LBD somehow makes it more difficult to deal with physical problems in terms of being more sensitive. I’m not sure. Will need to check it out. I am curious and will be anxious to hear from others on this topic.

So, I’m signing off to try to get it together and to relax for the day!

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7 Responses

  1. Hello David,

    Nineteen inches of snow is a lot of snow. A lot of snow. I hope you will get someone to do it for you in the future. I am sure you are some sore!

    I am very sorry about the difficulty with your health as a whole. The house is dry in the winter and causes nosebleeds to become worse. I hope that swelling goes down quickly and you feel good in no time.

    I watched the momentous inaugeration. Perhaps a lot of the subtle oppression for black people, that still lingers, will lift some more. I can see their joy, and I am happy for them.

    David, my Don suffered with his heart, and seemingly worse with LBD. Before he became too ill he called me to him about his heart many times.
    He worried over health issues that to a normal person would say that is normal, there is no pain so don’t worry about it. But, he did.

    So, if you know it is harder to handle with LBD, then do as you are doing. Let others fix what is wrong if possible, and coast through the rest. Tomorrow those smaller thing will be gone.

    You can’t know how it makes many of us feel for you to tell about your illness. As a true Doctor you continue to help even if it is sharing about your LBD. Bless your heart!

    Love with deep respect,

    • Imogene………..what can I say? You’re a real sweetheart!!


  2. My Mother who had LBD had a lot of trouble with nose bleeds after she was in the nursing home. We were able to stop them by using a saline spray twice a day. She never had problems before LBD with nosebleeds, so I don’t know if that would work for you.

    I think you are correct in that LBD does make the body more sensitive.

    • Interesting info. I appreciate it. I’m using the Ocean spray saline spray.


  3. ¡Hola, David! I think you really overdid it with the snow shoveling. Nineteen inches! It would have been very tiresome even for a healthy 25 year-old. (By the way, you don’t look much older than 25 in that picture. And you also have a very contagious smile.)
    The inauguration was a fantastic event, according to the commentators one never seen before. Let’s hope this presidency will follow the same path. I DO like our new President.
    Escríbeme pronto en español (sin ayuda).
    Un abrazo,

  4. I canceled my mid-day classes at the university and spent Inauguration Day at the nursing home with my mother, age 87, who has LBD. We went to the room with the big screen TV. She and the other residents loved it. Many are African-American. Repeatedly they erupted in applause. I am so glad I watched it there with her and them.

    We also had a little snow. My mom always had a good throwing arm and loved a good snowball fight after work at the factory with the young guys even when she was around 70. So I asked her if she would like for me to go outside and throw a snowball at her window. She said, “Oh, yes!” I went outside and by the time I got to her window (90 sec or so) she had forgotten and had wheeled away from the window. She is so hard of hearing that no amount of my beating on the window could get her attention. So I went back in and asked her if she would mind if I wheeled her up to the window and locked the wheels so she could see better. Then I went back out, threw the snowball, and she loved it. She sat and watched it melt and run down the window. A week later, she still remembers it!

    • I think it is absolutely amazing how all of our brains work. Forgetting one moment and then remembering the next. Kinda like coffee is good and then the next day it is bad. LOL


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