Sarcasm and Satire

Happy Thursday to all! First of all, I found a new tool which rates blogs. If you notice, it’s on the right column. The star ratings go from 1 through 5 with 5 being the best. The higher the rating, the more people on the net will learn about dementias and LBD. By clicking on the link, it will take you to another website where you can vote anonymously. Consider doing your part to help spread the word about the aspects of dementia. I’m also posting a link to that page here.

Since starting this blog, I’ve learned more about dementia than I did during my entire medical career. I am astounded by what I read. There are so many hypotheses regarding the causes of dementia, how to prevent dementia and how to treat it.

coffeeIsn’t it funny that over the years, the do’s and don’ts of what we should and should not do, what we shoud and should not eat constantly change. One month, coffee is bad for you. The next month suddenly it’s OK to drink coffee. Now it’s been said that coffee and tea will prevent dementia. Of course, most of us wouldn’t balk about eating rich dark chocolate which is also claimed to help. So here are some of the latest “things” which I’ve read on the internet in the past 4 months.

Hypnosis now helps to prevent dementia. Well, hypnosis can winehelp with a lot of problems. But some people are against hypnosis for personal reasons.  And of course the coffee. No drinka da coffee. Oh, now’s there are new studies…….drinka da coffee. Hello~~~      There’s also the gingko stuff. For years, we were taught that gingko would help most anything including dementia. Oh now. Not now. Why waste your money on gingko—it doesn’t do anything to help to prevent dementia. Ah, yes. The wine. Drink wine, don’t drink wine, avoid alcohol. Now they’re saying a little bit of wine or alcohol is good for you.

exerciseOf course there are the standard positive ideasmusic such as relaxation, exercise, music and weight loss. Socialization is also good. Lord, have mercy! Next month there will be an article saying, “Be by yourself more. Don’t be around so many people. It’s not good for you.” “Don’t take any vitamins especially B12.

marijuanaNow for the real kickers! I just recently read that mild smoking can help prevent dementia. What??? Isn’t that kind of counter-intuitive? And the one that nearly made me orgiastic — smoke some marijuana. It’ll help to prevent dementia as well as to keep it controlled if you already have it. Bring it on! Let me go score some “good weed.” Now, I’m not Bill Clinton. I have tried smoking marijuana when I was much younger and I did inhale it. Personally speaking, I felt as though I was demented after I  did it. And of course, the munchies, the red eyes and the dry mouth. Not to mention constipation. No, I didn’t continue to smoke marijuana. I just didn’t like it (and I still wonder how others crave it). I felt more demented after smoking that 1 joint than I do now when I actually have some dementia.

Where to go from here? I think we should just live a life of hedonism…eat, drink and be merry. Get drunk everyday, smoke a couple packs of cigarettes all day as you sip that java. Of couse, don’t exercise and don’t speak to anyone more than you have to. Remember, smiling and laughter can make you get Alzheimer’s disease. Eat cookes, cakes, pies, ice cream and all sugarthe candy you can. The sugar makes you feel good and happy. After all, we’re all taught that the brain needs a lot of glucose to function. Please, don’t take any vitamins. We get all we need in this day and age of processed food. Did I mention brain-teaserbrain games, training and puzzles. Avoid these at all costs. They make you work your brain too much which causes it to wear out which then makes the brain start to rot and to degenerate. And isn’t dementia just a pretty name for rotting of the brain?

Oh, I’ve learned so much. I will not take any more daily showers. Eat plenty of maple leaves deep fried in rich trans fats covedred with plenty of uniodized salt. And I will avoid healthy fiber at any cost!vitamin-d

Oops! How did I forget the vitamin D?


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13 Responses

  1. […] Original post by A Psychiatrist with Lewy Body Dementia (LBD) […]

  2. David, I can’t help it, but I am bouncing on my chair from laughing. It’s wonderful, and writing at it’s best in my way of looking at it.

    Now, to think of it maybe I need to avoid spinach. I am 76
    and I know we were told to eat all our spinach. Or were we?
    (scratching my head in thought.)

    Love a lot, and keep laughing,

  3. I hear ya David, I hear ya….Really its enough to drive you demented isn’t it?

  4. […] See the o­r­i­gi­nal po­st her­e: Sar­c­asm­ and Sati­r­e­ […]

  5. I remember when they first said we should limit our intake of fat and I thought that one day they would come back and tell us that some of the fats were good and we needed more of them. That day is here.

    The advice seems to swing like a pendulum, so if you moderate your intake of everything then you won’t be far off from the advice of the day or maybe it’s hour.

    My Great-Grandmother used to say: “Nine times too many biscuits will kill anyone.” I’m not sure why she picked nine.

  6. I love it!! I am going to fire up a big “fattie” and drink my expresso while I bake some cookies!

  7. Hello David,

    I love your blogs new style, colors, layout etc.

    Yes, what to, what not to eat, drink…arrrrgheeeeyyY! What freaks me out is what we humans give our livestock to eat and how we treat them. Chickens given whatever their given to grow faster, bigger fatter! Huh! So they’re ageing quicker…sounds dangerous to me. Not to mention mad cow’s disease (not sure if it’s only a form of it) and how that started! Someone mixed animal flesh in the feed fed to cattle…they’re herbivorous!!! And get me started on processed foods and all the crap added…and white bread, used to have bleach and something similar to rat sak in it!!!! Something can be said for our past, the hunterer, gatherer diet (berries, root veges and seeds) I’m not saying go out and hunt and gather but natural, happy, healthy livestock, not like pigs, cattle, etc mass produced in sheds that spend their whole lives in an alotted space the same size as themselves, unable to move, never being outdoors, never socialising…makes me very sad and angry!
    Ok will stop but could go on and on and on!

  8. David,
    OMG, have you been reading what I write? By the time you finish reading all the theories and contradictory theories on preventing dementia you will be well on your way to being demented!!! It can be quite amusing at times to consider all the possibilities.

    The newest dementia preventative I read about was apple juice, with the added bonus (not mentioned of course) of jump starting the colon. I do hope people don’t start drinking large quantities of apple juice.

    Though I must admit, the marijuana theory I considered for a few minutes and then decided I don’t want to be more spaced out.

    Thanks for the chuckle.


  9. I have read most of these things too. All of the fish oils, green tea, and all of the things that you could possibly do to prevent dementia.

    Thing is that I have to say about all of this things though, is that they don’t tell you that body chemistry is pretty much unique (no matter what they say). No two are alike. They might react in a similar way, but not exactly the same. So something that might be a cure for one person, could in fact be catastrophic for another. Neurology isn’t like most other sciences. One tiny difference can mean the whole ball game.

  10. David,

    You’ve managed to sum up my three years of amateur study in one post! Who knew your medical background would be so useful?

    Your blog looks great!

    Mona Johnson
    The Tangled Neuron

  11. Oh, David! What a wonderful way to start my day, laughing my head out with your blog. That’s exactly the way I feel about all those recommendations.
    On the rather tragic side, the same thing happens with the way to raise your children. When mine were born, you should feed them at regular times and no pick them up if the time for feeding was not up and if they didn’t need a change, no matter how much they cried. Then it was feeding them continously, and picking them up every time they went “Hmm” so as not to cause them any traumas. First it was good to discipline your kids so they would be nice and well-behaved, and they had to do things “because I’m your mother/father, and I say so”. Even a little spanking when necessary. Then, you caused them horrific psychological problems and conflicts doing that, so you had to explain at length why the bad behavior was bad and let them make mistakes so they’d learn responsibility. Oh, and spanking got a new name: abuse. Now it’s back to disciplining but the world is full of those kids being now the parents and not knowing how to teach their children. Of course, this is no laughing matter.

  12. You are amazing! I’m also so glad you are back online to continue to share your wisdom, experience & insights with us!!! Not to mention the additional bonus of it being good therapy!!!!! It important to have these type of avenues of communication and expression.
    You are the best!

  13. Doc – love your writing. You make me chuckle all day long as I think of what you have written. Thank you for your wry humor.
    Barb K.

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