When dealing with dementia, everyday is Valentine’s Day

Just when you least think you’re demented loved one doesn’t care or love you, they really do. Remember this during those bad moments whenever you at your wits end!

They probably don’t know that today is Valentine’s Day but be assured that in their heart that everyday is Valentine’s Day and they are still cabable of loving.


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  1. Of course you do! And we do too. Sometimes, the person with LBD (I HATE the D word!) may think his/her caregiver doesn’t love him/her because we get a little impatient or maybe too pushy, so you have to remember too that we love you with all our heart and our frustration is with the illness, not with you. Seeing our LO suffering is very hard for us too.
    I remember that Sherman sometimes would tell me, “How can you love me? I am such a mess!”, and that was probably when I loved him the most. I had to remind him that we were together in the same kind of mess, and that the experience was new for both of us, so he had to be patient with me too.
    Just ask Pam…
    Love, your friend,

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