Results of the Favorite Brain Game Poll and my answer to Louise Morse’s comment yesterday

I must say I am surprised with the voting results. I forgot that so many people like crossword puzzles. And, somehow, I didn’t think folks like sudoku as much as what’s indicated. Word searches being in the top 3 also surprised. I’ve probably have been projecting my own likes and dislikes all along. The lesson I’ve learned here is — never assume or take anything for granted.


Hi Louise………….please check out the post I wrote back in February.

I’ve learned that I should have taken notes as I read it. Actually, I related well to the contents. Having been reared in the Assembly of God church, I totally understood every thing you were saying. I particularly was impressed with how you were able to verbalize that having dementia is still a part of our journey through life until we meet Him in the future. I posted a little story the other day submitted by Lynn in Florida. She mentions the same concept of our still having a soul which needs to be respected. Your book gave me a positive and different outlook with my own journey with dementia. I am now able to get on with my life knowing that even if I ever become totally demented in the future, my soul still exists and that I will still have a connection to this world as well as in Heaven. I rarely give a book a 5 Star rating, Louise Morse’s book definitely gets my 5 Stars. Even if someone doesn’t believe in God, I still recommend it as an excellent read. You can get the book here. Could it be Dementia


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  1. Blessings, David! My SPAM catcher nabbed your emails, until I gave it a kick this evening.

    I’m glad the book blessed you.

    Till we meet!


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