Playing outside and having fun today!


 gardeningToday is sunny and predicted to be in the mid-60s. Hopefully it will push 70!




                                                                        pam, s & w 1


Then the fertilizing of the front and back yards. Pam will put in some nice hosta bulbs for our little shade garden. It’ll be  full of hostas, lillies of the valley and a variety of ferns. Eventually it will have some vinca ground cover. Voila. No more cutting grass in that shady moist little area.


After that we’ll probably be aching. I remember that from planting some trees on Saturday. We found some neat fruit trees. Nectarine, peach and plums. They went on the back side of the house. If I ever get around to scanning the pictures of them from the tags, I’ll post them.


After being thoroughly pooped, we’ll spend some late afternoon time slowly potting some seeds. All kinds. Various peppers — jalapenos, pimientos, sweet bananas.  (Tomatoes are already growing in their little pots), basil, spearmint, dill, chives and some catnip for Mr. Kitty. We already have the raspberries, blueberries and hydrangeas ready for repotting to bigger containers.


kitty 9 kitty 19




By the time we’re all finished with this, we’ll call it a day. So it goes to show you that fun long days aren’t quite so bad.


Hmmm. I wonder why I never majored in horticulture. A far less stressful career!    



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5 Responses

  1. Sounds like you’ll have a gorgeous yard with your plantings!
    Thanks Pam for posing for the pic; great to see the beautiful lady of the house that puts up with Dave
    Hugs to you both, kat

  2. I’m so glad to hear that you are enjoying the gardening–that is wonderful!! I also love the photos–have never seen a photo of Mr Kitty before.

    Hugs to you, Pam, and Chad–

    Elisabeth from NSH 😦

  3. Hi David,

    What a wonderful post. Beautiful Pam and the dogs and Mr Kitty and all your planting…absolutely beautiful.


  4. Gorgeous photos, David! Besides being beautiful, Pam has a very sweet expression on her face. And the dogs and Mr. Kitty are so handsome. I have a MISS Kity, but she doesn’t look like yours anymore -she’s 18, has thyroid disease and last year almost died with seizures. Now she’s back to health but not so beautiful as she was.
    I’m looking forward to seeing pictures of your garden in summer. Also, when are we going to see your picture?
    Hugs for you and Pam, and keep up the fun in the garden!

  5. Lovely to see these photographs today. Such a blessing to see this kind of gentle happiness …


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