Pesach will begin at sunset on April 8th

I’d like to wish all of Jewish my friends and readers a Happy Passover this year. My best friend in medical school was Jewish. Many of my best friends from California also practice Judaism. I have a deep respect for them and for what they stand for. I miss them dearly and wish we could have regular contact again other than via email. They have had a strong influence in my life and have enriched me greatly. Thank you.



Pesach or Passover is an eight-day long celebration that begins on the night of the fifteenth day of the month of Nissan of the Hebrew calendar. The highlight of the Passover celebration is the ceremony of Seder performed on the first two evenings of Passover. In 2009, Pesach will begin at the sunset on April 8th and will ends at the nightfall on April 15th. In Israel, Pesach is celebrated for seven days only, where the first and last days are observed as holidays and no work can be done on these days. However, at other places, the first two and the last two days are observed as holidays. Work can be  done on the intermediary days that known as ‘Chol Ha-Mo’ed’.


I’ve been thinking about my boo hoo post from Sunday evening. It was an off negative day which we all have from time to time. However, I am so blessed and am grateful for what we have. When I think of all of the suffering in the world and those who suffer from chronic illness, I am indeed fortunate. Thanks to those who responded. Your comments were very helpful even if you don’t think they were. Pam’s reaction is that I should stop blogging for awhile. That, I don’t want to do. The blog helps me to vent and to reframe my thinking. Yes, I will continue to write.

And I want to thank those who responded to Robin and the serious ethical situation which she faces. Robin, I hope that some of those comments were helpful to you as well.



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2 Responses

  1. Happy, happy, happy Easter David, Pam and Chad.

  2. If it helps you – please continue to write.

    But sometimes our loved ones know what’s best for us better than we know ourselves. If Pam belives that blogging is making you unhapy she may well be right.

    * * *

    In the meantime – another question for you as a psychiatrist.

    To my complete surprise my brother suffered an acute episode of paranoia recently and is currently an inpatient in a psychiatric hospital.

    His wife has left him with the children – which was possibly what brought on the attack.

    So with his wife out of the picture it falls to me to help him continue his recovery when he leaves hospital.

    Yesterday my brother and I had a meeting with his treating psychiatrist.

    As well as talking about my brother’s future, I couldn’t help thinking – good heavens – this man is a psychiatrist – what is he going to make of *me* – will he some me up in a flash and spot all my oddities and see me as a patient about to happen? Even – how do I portray myself as “normal”?

    I guess I am not alone in wondering this sort of thing about pyschiatrists. Are you as a group all-seeing, all-knowing? What quirks do we “normal” people give away without realising it? What do you see as we fumble over our words, wriggle in the chairs, hesitate, avoid eye contact or whatever?

    Is this the kind of thing that trainee psychiatrists take about at dinner parties? ie what people give away about themslves?

    I’d love to hear your views as a person – a friend even – who happens to be a psychiatrist.

    In the meantime – I’m glad you can feel grateful for the good things. Spring is beautiful in England this year as always – snow drops, crocuses, daffodils, magnolia, camelias, mimosa, cherry blossom – an endless delight.

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