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I don’t believe that I haven’t blogged for almost 1 week. And a busy week it has been.

We had super good weather on Friday and Saturday. Temps went into the high 60s and up to 70 on Saturday. rainbow   I raked the entire front lawn to get rid of all the winter debris and then fertilized it. I’m ashamed to admit it, but it took me the entire day to get it done. Seemed like I was taking a break every 10-15 minutes. I told Pam that if I were paid by the hour, I would have been fired. We got a good laugh out of it though. Together, we did some pruning of the bushes and shrubs. By Friday night I realized that I had over done it. I was so fatigued and weak that Pam had to help me walk into the bedroom, not to mention I was in some kind of dazed stupor. It’s taken the last 2 days just to recuperate from all the muscle aches and pains. Yesterday was rather bizarre. I tried watching some TV to relax and had marked difficulty following the characters and the story theme. It seems that every couple of minutes, there were 5-10 second gaps of memory. I kept trying to pay more attention. But within a minute or so, I lost something and couldn’t figure out what was happening. It just occurred. Very difficult to explain. Also, very frustrating. If one doesn’t get the gist of a movie or program at the beginning, then naturally the rest of the story gets tainted. And that drives me into total frustration. I can understand how many people with dementia experience troubles and can’t clearly explain what is happening to their family and friends.

Today I can walk almost normally. smile_nerd   We went to the Doc’s office for the weekly allergy injection. We also stopped at a medical supply store to pick up a TENS unit for Pam. Her pain Dr. ordered it to go along with all the pain meds she takes. Am hoping it’ll help a lot. She gets some relief after I massage her but very little.

Very windy with rain today. cloud_rain   Pam’s brother, Doug, was going to bring dirt today to make landscape mounds on the street side of the house and in the back yard. But, thanks to the rain, he’ll have to hold off. No muddy soup yet. After he brings it, then more planting and transplanting followed by a good mulching.

Norma commented on 2009/04/17 at 11:16am

Hi David,

Can you please tell me if you are still having trouble with chocking on your own saliva. (I just read a past post of yours.) My Mom, who is unable to tell me what is bothering her, started something new a few weeks ago. She starts coughing and choking a little when she awakens from sleep. It usually happens in the evening and at night. Thanks very much. I hope you are feeling well. Best, Norma

A very good question, Norma. Yes, I do still have problems with choking on my saliva, during eating and also when drinking fluids. Mine tends to happen both day and night. Seems like there is no rhyme nor reason to it. Drinking fluids most of the time is no problem. At other times, it seems as though the water, soda, etc. just wants to go down elsewhere. The same with food. Especially dryer foods like hamburger, etc. It is involuntary and totally out of my control. Very annoying to say the least. I remember reading somewhere that the deposits of the Lewy Body proteins affect the autonomic nervous system which in turn affects the swallowing mechanism in our bodies.

Many times the choking and coughing awakens me out of a good sleep during the nighttime. I totally understand what your Mom is going through.

I hope this helps.


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  1. David and Norma,
    I believe the name for the choking is Dysphasia. My husband has been doing that for several years. We bought adjustable beds last year and that has helped enormously at night. During the day if he has episodes we give him Delsyn or Mucinex..sometimes cough drops help. Cold drinks bring it on so sometimes we give him a cup of warm tea, usually herbal. blessings, Marjorie Carmen/The Carmen Foundation

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