Butterfly Magnolias




Garden Magic

This is the garden’s magic,
That through the sunny hours
The gardener who tends it, Himself outgrows his flowers.
He grows by gift of patience,
Since he who sows must know
That only in the Lord’s good time
Does any seedling grow.
He learns from buds unfolding,
From each tight leaf unfurled,
That his own heart, expanding,
Is one with all the world.
He bares his head to sunshine,
His bending back a sign
Of grace, and ev’ry shower becomes
His sacramental wine.
And when at last his labors
Bring forth the very stuff
And substance of all beauty
This is reward enough.

What a hectic but fun last 2 weeks. Kelly, Austin and Ryan visited us from New Hampshire. Scott was busy getting a new hotel resort up and running at Lake George in New York. A very nice visit. The boys are growing up. How fast they do these days. And their wealth of knowledge. They seem to know things in elementary school which many of us only learned in junior high. Not to mention how computer savvy kids are today.

After they left, Pam and I started with more landscaping and gardening. Her brother, Doug, brought in the dirt and mulch for mounding up around the entire house. We bought the trees which he planted. Pam loved planting the bulbous plants, hosta, vinca and bright pink phlox. I planted a small vegetable garden on the back side of the house out of view from the public. Staked the tomatoes which are growing nicely.Oh yes. We found an awesome butterfly magnolia tree to plant as well. It’s the picture at the top. Only ours isn’t blooming yet. Just has tons of buds on it.

It doesn’t sound like much but it took us over 6 days working the entire days of having pure fun outside in God’s great creation. Now we’ll get to see the bounty grow. I pumped ibuprofen for the aches and pains. I truly discovered how out of shape I was. Pain, pain and more pain. Chad helped out when he wasn’t working.

We pushed ourselves beyond reason. I’ll be the first to admit it. We called it a fanatic frenzy.

We stopped yesterday to rest up for a few days. We’re going on a little vacation next week. Leaving on Sunday and coming home on Thursday. Figured we haven’t been away for awhile and that this would be the last vacation we’ll be able to have for awhile. So, once again, I won’t be blogging for about a week.

How about the mind? I actually enjoyed being away from the computer for awhile. I said that I was getting tired of reading and researching facts on dementia. What I did learn about being outside. I had a lot of trouble finding the right words. I called the lacy tulips every type and color of flowers other than tulips. If there were 6 bags of dirt, I would say to Pam, “Get it out of that bag.” As if she were to read my mind. I ended up pointing and trying to describe the words and meanings that I wanted to express. Ended up using words like “this one here, that one over there, that thing which is brown, etc.” Now I understand why my great Aunt Nora used “this, that and the other” much of the time. I became very frustrated with Pam whenever she couldn’t understand what I was trying to say. So I tried harder and learned to describe and point better. However, we can laugh about it. My gross muscle movements were pretty good, but the fine tremors got in the way while handling small plants and seedlings. So I ended up doing the heaving duty stuff like shoveling, digging, etc.

I need to sign off for now. We’re taking the dogs in for boarding this morning. We call it their doggie motel.

I hope all is well with all of you. Even though I haven’t blogged, I found myself thing about many of you who’ve commented and have become my blogging friends. Trying to put faces to names. I’d love to meet you all in person sometime. See you in about a week.



7 Responses

  1. Happy Springtime to you Dave,
    I admire all your strenth and determination having a beautiful yard! Being this my 5th year having VaD (vascular dementia), strokes, seizures coming more often, I type words very well, but that’s about it. Hubby has a medical history too so last year was the first we planted periennial flowers in front of our deck. We have large pots of veggies/roses growing on our deck for easy reach. Everygreens were growing acrossing the driveway when we bought the place 5 years ago. Have large cone flower bush at end of deck about 3 years old. Very large open yard we cut, surrounded by woods but some growing grasses wild for our ‘nature’ friends. Hummer/oriole/bird/water feeders attached to deck along with hanging flowers in summer. We make it as easy for us as we can….Once all in bloom it’s gorgeous!!! Surrounded by woods and nature. Once trees in bloom can’t see neighbors which are 1/2 to block away.
    Glad you and Pam are enjoying yourself, and you have friends and family to help you. Enjoy your week!! Looking forward to hearing of your adventures. Love, kat

  2. Butterfly Garden is my first log-on to a blog and my first comment. I read Butterfly Garden aloud to my husband, Richard. As I read the paragraph beginning, What about the mind?…. he said, “Oh, my yes. Oh, I know how he feels. Yes, yes, yes”. To find yourself in someone’s words is priceless (to borrow a line from MasterCard).
    Richard practiced law for 40 years and told his physician, “I made my living with words and now I can’t find the easiest of words” – frustrating for both of us but we laugh a lot about our communication struggles. I tell him that I feel like I’m living inside one of his cross-word puzzles – a favorite activity of his.
    We live in Kansas and have waited for the last frost night to pass before planting the spring flowers. It’s on my agenda for this weekend. That will be my job since Richard also has a slight hand tremor in his right hand.
    I know Richard and I have found a good place. We look forward to sharing stories. P. Jo Ann

  3. Hello Dear David,

    What a wonderful letter! I loved your magnolia, and all your talk about what you were planting. It sounds so beautiful, and rewarding.

    It is with my deepest admiration of you, for your will to help us see LBD through your personal struggles and triumps.

    Thank you David, and may you have a wonderful vacation!
    Love a lot,

  4. Hello David,

    Wonderful to read you and Pam have had a lovely yet busy and strenuous time in your garden. Have a fantastic holiday; enjoy, enjoy, enjoy…doing a little jig around my kitchen.

  5. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed all the gardening – enjoy your holiday!

  6. A most beautiful poem – the deepest yet simplest,so well expressed.

  7. What a beautiful poem, David, thank you for sharing it!
    Your description of your garden work is very interesting< I love gardening too, but now I have to “garden” in my small balcony/deck. If I’m lucky I may get a couple of the lots in our condo’s community garden.
    I hope you and Pam enjoyed your well deserved vacation and now are “resting” from it. I’m very much behind reading my mail, so I just got to your blog.
    By the way, I am also on vacation/business trip, in my native country -Uruguay- where I have a small apartment. Only this is a cold vacation because the Fall is here already, but we are having sunny though crisp days.
    My love to both of you, from down south,

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