June Weather Lore

When pigs carry sticks, the clouds will play tricks.

If the birds be silent, expect thunder.

When spiders’ webs in air do fly,

The spell will soon be very dry.

When sheep collect and huddle, tomorrow will become a puddle.

When the glowworm lights her lamp, the air is always very damp.

Bats flying late in the evening indicate fair weather.



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2 Responses

  1. It has a whimsical feel. Cute. Thank you.


  2. David, I just looked through the window of my 5th floor apartment in Montevideo and there is not one pig in sight, nor sheep, spider webs or bats flying. What about dogs barking? There is plenty of those around… Also lots of motorcycles with no mufflers. But BRRRRRR! It’s cold!
    Thanks for those delightful little gems. Have a wonderful spring afternoon!
    ¿No más español?

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