Make a Contribution to the Alzheimer’s Daily News without Spending a Dime (Ageless Design) –

I think this is a remarkable way to contribute. I started it this morning………David


Make a Contribution to the Alz News without Spending a Dime

(Ageless Design) – Believe it or not, despite the media exposure that Alzheimer’s disease has received, many people still know very little about it, available medications or their benefits. Myths abound and people continue to go undiagnosed. The manufacturers of these products would like to know if and what they may doing wrong, why their information is not getting out and why so many people know so little about them.
Please join Find A Cure Panel to participate in quantitative research designed specifically for people with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers. For each survey completed, Find A Cure Panel will make a minimum donation of $25 to help support The Alzheimer’s Daily News. You can take the 2 minute registration profile by clicking here:

Go to: Find A Cure



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3 Responses

  1. Sadly, I registered with “Find A Cure” on April 4th, 2009, and to date I have received NO invitations to complete a survey since enrollment. Seems like a long interval to me.

    I am a caregiver to Grandmother with Alzheimer’s Disease. I am more than happy to share our journey as well as our struggles and have my efforts count to fund The Alzheimer’s Daily News. Wondering if there is one person who’s been invited to complete a survey?

    “Find A Cure” has yet to invite to a single survey – my dimes are not going to add up this way…


  2. Hi Dave,
    Wanted people to know when they go to Find A Cure, try and register like I did (must’ve not been a good day for my brain) you come to a page that has “NEXT” and FAQ next to that. When you hit NEXT it comes up to same page but with different messages right above it. Long story short, keept hitting that NEXT button, you’ll finally come to the registry page. Takes about 5-7 hits. So don’t give up.
    THought it interesting my two diseases (allowed only 2) submitted were ALZ and cancer. They asked ?s only on cancer, nothing on ALZ. So I supposed I’ll be getting email on cancer subjects. Time will tell. ALZ is just as important…..every disease is important. They shouldn’t pick and choose…for me they should’ve done both.
    Get off my soap box. Hope others join and voice opinions somewhere here or save this blog of yours Dave and continue opinions over time here. Then we’ll all know where to look for their comments….or at least I will lol kat

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