Seven Falsehoods About Health Care — Big myths about the current debate is a reputable organization which I use in order to separate truth from fiction/rumors/false statements. Click here for the latest on the 7 falsehoods about health care.

Holding out on my opinion until I do some more research. What are your thoughts and comments on the proposed health care plan? Spew forth your opinions and feelings right here. It’s your chance to get them all out.



3 Responses

  1. Thank you, Doctor David! I am a faithful subscriber of I learned throughout the long presidential campaign to trust their amazing devotion to facts & data, whether they were what we wanted to hear or not.

    Their contribution to the healthcare debate can be invaluable, if people will stop shouting at one another periodically and check the facts.

    By the way, I’m in favor of health care reform.

  2. Hi David,

    I’ve noted this URL. I live in Great Britain, as you know, and have very good reason to be grateful for our National Health Service. It’s far from perfect. There are more managers than doctors and, apart from interactions with consultants and senior staff, when you’re in hospital you feel like a package on a conveyor belt. But it works, and no-one is without access to health care here. Medical care shouldn’t be available only to the wealthy.

    Hope you’re well! My new book is coming along, though it’s hard work at the moment!


  3. I too live in Britain. I used private health care and, when my insurance benefits ran out, the NHS, for the same health problem over several years.

    I was very apprehensive of having to use the NHS. To my surprise, not only was it good – it was better than private care for my particlar problem (benign breast disease).

    I am very appreciative of the NHS – it’s an excellent service to have.

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