Reply to Laura Fisher, M.D.

Dear Dr.         Have you tried the coconut oil Dr. Mary Newport has described as a miracle treatment for her husband? Do you take fish oil (three or more caps per day)? Do you take testosterone replacement (skin gel)? Do you take selegiline or rasagiline? What if any vitamins and other supplements do you take? It is not completely clear to me how you were diagnosed. Was it based on an MRI coupled with some behavioral and subjective changes?
My father died in his eighties of combined LBD and Alzheimer’s disease and I am trying not to follow his example.
Laura Fisher

Hi Dr. Fisher……………No, I have not tried the coconut oil. I need to study more about it. I am on Aricept 10-mg daily, Namenda 10-mg twice daily, 9 capsules of double strength fish oil, testosterone replacement therapy along with trazodone (for sleep). I take multivitamins, calcium and magnesium supplements along with vitamin D and B-complex daily. When I think about it, I take a vitamin E capsule as well. I’ve not gone overboard with all that’s recommended out there. Ah, yes. I do like my coffee in the morning and the good old home made iced tea!

I am now on a steady plateau with the above combination and am permitted to drive as long as I have a co-pilot with me. I’ve noticed the biggest difference since adding the Namenda to my regimen. I do find I slip backwards if I don’t use the testosterone replacement therapy. I’d love to be able to practice medicine again but have not totally come back to my base level. I still have enough deficits to keep me from totally functioning normally. I do well with regular activities of daily living as long as there is little pressure. Hobbies, crafts, gardening, TV, etc. Short term memory and immediate recall are still some problems for me as well as word finding difficulties.

I was diagnosed at the University of California, San Francisco’s Memory Clinic after being hospitalized for the entire evaluation. I following an LBD expert neurologist in Pittsburgh, PA. Pet scans of the brain have also shown the pathological changes as well.

I’ve never specifically been treated for my Parkinsonian symptoms. Azilect would certainly be something to discuss with my neurologist. During my last visit, he did mention starting an anti-Parkinsonian agent but I would like to hold off on that as long as possible.

Hope this helps……



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  1. Hello David,

    This is such a helpful blog. You’re probably helping more people with this than you would be if you were back in work!
    I love your warmth…

    I haven’t come across testosterone replacement therapy before, certainly not here in the UK, as part of treatment for LBD.

    Is it common there, in the States?

    Hospitalisation for evaluation doesn’t happen here. Is it standard in the States? When was that – perhaps things have changed?

    Hope you have a lovely day, today. I’m ploughing on with my follow up book. There have been so many changes for the better in the two years since I wrote the first one! Positive changes. God is good.


  2. David, it’s great to learn that you have reached a plateau. Stability in all areas is an accomplishment. I give my mother Omega-3 daily and I do believe it has helped her. In spite of the advanced stage, her cognitive abilities are still present on the good days. One day last week when Mom needed to be in an awkward position for more than a minute or two, I asked her if she was comfortable. Her reply, “What choice do I have?” It’s good to see the sense of humor and touch of sarcasm still present.

    Best wishes to you and your family.

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  4. Hi David,
    I’ve moved to southern California and haven’t kept up with any posting, just getting my bearings back.

    I’m glad you are feeling okay,that is great news.
    Keep love and kisses in your life.
    Look at my new website

  5. Excellent site, keep up the good work

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