Entrelac Scarf for a Bat Mitzvah Gift

Which is the right side? The left or right picture.



This is one of the projects which has been keeping me busy this summer. It is an entrelac knitted scarf which I made for a Bat
Mitzvah gift. I worked with her father who is the Assistant Medical Director where I functioned as the Acting Medical Director. He is a super guy and a true friend………someone whom I trust very much. It’s the least I could do to show him respect for his daughter.

Actually, the right side is up to the individual user. It’s reversible but with each side having a different texture. I’ve never excelled in photography. I tried to put it around Pam’s necklace model in order to show how it hangs. Yuk! I ended up just taking a picture of each side while it was flat on a table. It turned out to be about 7″ wide and 70 some inches long.

Of all the types and styles of knitting, entrelac is one of the most addictive techniques I’ve ever knitted. Yep, it is my favorite.

Summer gardening pictures soon to come.



5 Responses

  1. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift!! I just love it.

  2. The colors are beautiful, David. Certainly this gift of heart will be treasured by the recipient. Looking forward to summer garden photos…here, summer gardens look more like developed weed patches, thanks to heat and humidity. You’ll make me jealous.

  3. Thanks so much for showing your entrelac knitting project. It’s just beautiful !! Love the colors. I have knitted for years and have never seen this technique so now I have to try it. Found instructions on the internet. Phyllis

  4. David,

    It’s GORGEOUS!! The colors and the workmanship are remarkable!

    I’ve put cross-stitching on hold for awhile and have been alternating between making blankets for Project Linus (ill and traumatized children of all ages) and Soldiers’ Angels (quilts/blankets are given to wounded heros who are medevac’d from the battlefield). If anyone who reads this is interested in jumping on either bandwagon, both Project Linus and Soldiers’ Angels can be readily found on the internet. Sorry, I couldn’t help it, I keep trying to recruit!


  5. David, that’s BEAUTIFUL! I love the left picture, the right side of the knitting. But how in the world do you do that??? I’ve seen very beautiful things done in different stitches -in fact, my former mother-in-law was a great knitter and made gorgeous sweaters and other things. But I had never seen that entrelac type. How do you knit it as not to show the yarn overlapping on the wrong side? Can you tell me the secret? It must be challenging! Thanks for sharing it with us.

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