Kat’s email on hallucinations

Kat at tandk@excel.net wrote me the following email. With her permission, I am posting it for others to read and see the responses.

Hi Dave,

I saved your blogs on hallucinations luckily!  I’m having a lot of them, they are getting me in trouble as I think they are real, especially the ones where I think people said something insulting to me and I let them have it.

I went online to your blog, as I saved Part I,  wanted to save Part II, III………I searched your sight, only came up with Part III, which is interesting also but very much interested in Part II, don’t know how to find it.

Could you please send me a ‘copy’ in my email for me.  Or a link to the second set "Types of Hallucinations? 


Kat………..here are the links:


Part 1 of 3 What are Hallucinations

Part 2 of 3 Types of Hallucinations

Part 3 of 3 How to handle Hallucinations




One Response

  1. Thanks so much, Dave.
    As you know I have VaD, Vascular Dementia for 5 years with TIA’s, small/medium strokes, some seizures. I’m to point I need notes on mirror in bathroom of what to do. Strokes amost a daily thing now.

    I also have hallucinations where I think I smell things like fire, different aroma of flowers, foods when nothing cooking etc.

    It’s troublesome ‘knowing’ someone is looking straight at you, with friends around listening/looking at you for a response, and she’s saying insulting things about your condition directly at you.

    Worse is when I viciously respond via email, she explains it didn’t happen, I appolize, explain what happened……
    Regarding this particular incident, I lost a friend – or was she really a friend.

    Again, thanks for the articles, Dave…..
    Gentle hugs, kat

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