Sunburst Throw and Peaceful Pastels Afghan

A few pictures of some crochet projects I’ve completed. 


 Sunburst Throw

 Sunburst Throw

I finally finished this throw over this past summer. I started it last summer but I had too many problems with shaking to finish it.

Peaceful Pastels Afghan

Peaceful Pastels Afghan

 This one was from a kit which I made several years ago while I was still working.

So far, all of my neurologists have encouraged me to do as many hand made crafts as possible. All types….knitting, crochet and others. Counted cross stitch is a little hard on the eyes.

Louise Morse made this comment:

Submitted on 2009/08/17 at 4:08am

Hello David,

This is such a helpful blog. You’re probably helping more people with this than you would be if you were back in work!
I love your warmth…

I haven’t come across testosterone replacement therapy before, certainly not here in the UK, as part of treatment for LBD.

Is it common there, in the States?

Hospitalization for evaluation doesn’t happen here. Is it standard in the States? When was that – perhaps things have changed?

Hope you have a lovely day, today. I’m plowing on with my follow up book. There have been so many changes for the better in the two years since I wrote the first one! Positive changes. God is good.


Louise…………… the best of my knowledge, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is not a standard treatment for LBD. I believe it is given on a case by case basis. During my evaluation at UCSF, they did a testosterone blood level and found it to be almost negligible. So I now take the Androderm patch daily. For me, I feel an increased sense of well being, increased energy, better mood and an overall cognitive improvement.

I’ve often wondered if many males with dementia would benefit from TRT since it does enhance cognitive functions, lift the depression which they didn’t know they have, and to make them feel alive again. We all know that testosterone levels are very low in the majority of men in the age range with dementia.

Warmly David………………………



3 Responses

  1. David, a warm hello this morning! I love your Afghans. I would certainly ask you to make one for me if I felt it wasn’t too much. But, everyone else would ask for one also, and so, that would be too much.

    But, David they are beautiful! When I first opened the pictures, I thought I was seeing a flower until it complepely opened. Gorgeous!

    The Androderm Patch sounds like a winner to me. I have aften thought my husband was low in testerone. I am going to ask his Doctor if he can try the patch.

    How long did you use it before you saw results?

    Thank you, David, for being so much help to all of us.

    It’s going to be a happy day,

  2. Nice afghans. Cheery and happy. I really like color in things. It is part of the simple pleasures in life.


  3. I would just mention with reference to the comment about hospital evaluation, there are Health Trusts in the UK which have hospital daycare facilities for evaluation at diagnosis and have hospital inbed evaluation for people with symptoms found to be difficult.

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