An Online Brain Test Experiment

Author : Elderly lady in training 

David – glad to see you blogging again – and to read what you have written.
You (and your readers) might be interested in an experiment that the BBC have just set up in the UK to test brain training – se


This site allows anyone to register for free. I went ahead and registered and completed the benchmark tests. I’ll probably start the training tomorrow. Looks interesting and fun………… harm in trying!



2 Responses

  1. I’ve now done the benchmarking and the first training session – I found it really hard, especially “Whack a Jack” and “Airport Security”. I found bursting the balloons comparatively easy though – being well trained in my times tables at school probably helped there.

    The site explains, “The experiment was designed by Professor Clive Ballard (Alzheimer’s Society and Kings College, London) and Dr Adrian Owen (MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge)”.

  2. To anyone doing these tests – don’t get disheartened! I’ve had my third go and my results have got signficantly worse each time. While I’m a bit surprised, I’m also confident this is just a statistical blip.

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