Sex and Dementia: Shrouded by Taboo

A man with Alzheimer’s and his wife of many years finish lovemaking when he rolls over and tells her, “You’d better hurry up and get your things because my wife will be home soon." ……….

This comes from a thought provoking article here. I believe this is a subject which needs to be addressed on many levels. Life doesn’t stop when someone becomes demented. All of our physiological needs persist throughout the course of our lives..

We all follow Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Click on the picture to open it up. Notice that the red portion of the triangle is the foundation of our being.


Physiological needs include:


Tell me what you think…………..David


4 Responses

  1. I’ve been toying with the idea of responding re: sex and dementia and my responce is – No thanks, it wasn’t any good when it was supposed to be, so why in the world would I want to “do it” now. I know a lot of people who would agree and some who won’t but you know – different strokes etc. etc. It’s too bad that that was the way it was-I would have loved for it to be different, but it wasn’t. oh well………….

  2. Hi David,

    I agree with the pyramid. Since I have not studied psychology, or other facits concerning the psychy, I do not know what is meant by psychologic disire. I would believe it is the desire to worship, to learn, to fulfill all the disires to satisfy the mind.

    The joke was— well—

    Love your blog David,

  3. David,
    People often forget that it was God who invented sex, and it’s meant to be a delight!

    This blog is very thought-provoking. Surely, much depends on how good the couple’s relationship was before dementia – or not, as ‘anon’ reported.

    And whether or not the individual seems to be the same person. We know that they always ARE the same, but because of brain malfunctions they can lose the outworking of their individuality. And when some parts of the brain are affected by Alzheimer’s, sex drive can be increased, and the person can seem to be ‘different’ as a result. As well as that, there is the existing different male/female perception of sex.

    With all the stress and strain that comes from caring for someone with dementia, I doubt the unaffected partner would have the energy, anyway!


  4. I think Maslow was a male

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