Donna says, “I really hope that I am helping and not hurting him”

COMMENT from Donna on the “I’m forgetting to eat” post.

Submitted on 2009/10/12 at 12:54pm

I thank you for sharing!  I was researching DLB for information for my siblings when I came across your posting.  We lost our mother a year ago.  She had Alzheimers, but breast cancer is what took her Sept 2008.  Before she passed, our father was diagnosed with Lewy Body.  Since then, my husband and I have moved in with dad, so he wouldn’t be alone at night.  We all live realatively close to dad (all but one of 5 within 7 miles).  My husband and I both work full time, he is retired from the military and now teaches, I am in the Air National Guard working full time.
I see the fog that my dad is in, and it kills me that he is alone for the better part of the day.  I have done some research to educate me on what my dad is experiencing.  I am hoping that my siblings will step up to the plate and spend some time with dad, understand what he is going thru to help him.  When my dad halucinates, at night, I always anounce myself before I go into his room, and then I ask him to ask the people to leave, he usually says they are gone, only once has he said they are right there, when I say it is time to leave so we can go back to sleep.  Then I reasure dad that I have check the house and all the doors are locked and we are the only ones left in the house. I really hope that I am helping and not hurting him. Yesterday was the Race for the Cure, which my husband and I participated in.  Before we got back to dads house, he called and stated that he couldn’t find mother, but that she was there 5 minutes ago.  It really hurt for me to tell him that she has
been gone for over a year.
I have rambled enough.  Thank you for your explaniation of the fog that I have seen my father in.  God Bless you and keep you safe, I have added you to my prayer list as well.
Donna K

Hi Donna…………….I am sorry about your father. If it were me, I think I’d want you to do the same thing. Simple reassurance is a marvelous treatment! Even if the hallucinations persist when you go into the room, I would suggest that you don’t argue. Sometimes simple distracting comments help. Thumbs-up

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  1. It’s so hard for me to understand how anyone could lose their patients with someone suffering from dementia/Alzheimer’s. Unfortunately having worked as an Activities Director for about 7 yrs, I saw it from time to time.

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