Sister Mary Joseph nodule

Pam and I learned something new today. A Sister Mary Joseph node or nodule.

We had our 6 month dental check. While there, one of the dental hygienists (Monica) told us that her mother-in-law was just diagnosed today with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. It went diagnosed since last April. She went to her family Dr. for a ‘mild’ infection around her belly button. He said it was just a staph infection and not to worry. She said her mother-in-law always alluded to her not having good hygiene. Allegedly, he never examined her on the table for it from the very beginning. Evidently he simply looked at it while she was sitting in the chair. During her most recent visit, an accompanying family member insisted that he properly examine her and to do an entire physical exam on her. Monica said that he felt something and sent her for an abdominal ultrasound which ultimately led to having a biopsy.

As a non-surgeon, I have never encountered or read anything about this kind of nodule and I imagine that this patient’s physician hadn’t either. But what isn’t acceptable to me is his/her failure to actually examine her during a physical exam. Perhaps she could have been spared the inevitable despicable agony and pain which she will probably have to endure.

Imagine feeling like you don’t keep yourself clean every time you leave your Dr. only to find out later that you have advanced cancer!

Sister Mary Joseph Nodule

Sister Mary Joseph Nodule slide


3 Responses

  1. Hi David,

    Some Dr’s leave a lot to be desired!!!! I’d be hoping mad with this Dr if it happened to a relative of mine.

    Hoping all is well with you and Pam.

  2. Hi David and Pam,

    Thank you for sharing this story. I learned something, too.
    I didn’t realize the pancreas was in the region of the belly button. I thought it was higher behind the stomach.
    Mine is almost exclusively behind my ribs. But, I guess
    if a person had a cancer in would extend down behind the belly button.

    I am so sorry for anyone going through pancreatic cancer.

    Hope both are you are doing well. Thanks for writing.

  3. My husband and I are Christians, and we are regularly asked to pray for the sick, we see miracles all the time, and if anyone would like us to come and pray for anyone with cancer or anything else, we would love to pray and see them healed. Of course this is an absolutely free service with no other expections, we only desire to see people well and healed because we know God wants them healed!
    The miracles that and his disciples performed in the Bible, still happen today, unfortunately, the church is happy to talk about them, but the church as we know it, has lost it’s power, that power is available to all who believe, we see miracles all the time, we grew out several legs, healed deaf ears, saw a woman come out of her wheelchair and much more, this was only yesterday! Contact us if you need prayer for anything!!! Lots of love, xxxxx

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