Change your clocks tomorrow night — Saturday Oct. 31, 2009


If you want to figure it out, US DST doesn’t change on an exact date, it changes on a particular day of the month.

The clocks "move" on the first Sunday in March (ahead) and the first Sunday in November (back).


2 Responses

  1. Yey, I get an rxtra hour of sleep tommorrow night.

  2. Thanks for reminding us, David! I don’t know who had the stupid idea of turning the clocks ahead in the summer. Not too long ago, I read that it’s been proven that the change does NOT save any energy or anything, and instead is bothersome for our bodies. And even if it did, businesses that want to save energy could move ahead their own time to start working and leave the rest of us alone. GRRRRRRRRR!
    I love it when we move it back, because that’s my own body time.
    Warm thoughts and wishes for the weekend,

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