Insulin levels in the brain may be the key to understanding how some types of dementia progress

Now this concept sounds very plausible to me. Think of how you feel when your blood sugar drops. I’ll be eager to see if anything more comes of it. More…..



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  1. I absolutely believe this to be true.

    My mom was a heavy insulin user, A1C was very high, over 10.

    I found that when she ate simple carbs, she’d hallucinate. She was more frightened.

    She took Fenugreek extract which appears to have helped her insulin receptors work properly again. She is off all insulin and her A1C is 5.5.

    Granted, we don’t eat any gluten, no wheat, rice, rye, barley or oats – limited grains like Quinoa.

    What I’ve observed with my mom is when I gave her dark leafy greens and lean meat such as fish and chicken, she didn’t hallucinate. She had better days.

    Now, my mom’s blood sugar is under full control with no medication and very little fenugreek.

    Her hallucinations have stopped since she started taking Ashwagandha that the Naturopath doctor prescribed.

    My mom loves having more good days than bad ones. On bad days, she thinks she’s in heaven because we have so many bathrooms in this house and she wants to pay me for taking care of her because she thinks I’m her private nurse, not her daughter.

    I absolutely agree with the above

  2. Thank you for posting this. Although there’s talk of ‘individualised medication’ it’s a far way off, and so far we’re all treated as a herd. ‘t works for one, so it’ll work for the rest’ seems to be the approach, which is far from the truth, as every vaccination programme shows.

    Congratulations for observing and thinking it through! Your mom must be delighted. Incidentally – how many bathrooms do you have in your house?


  3. Yes, my mom is one happy little lady. She encourages me to find a “cure” for her through my alternative healing methods. Nothing to lose and all to gain so I’ll keep thinking and using my observations to make it possible.

    We only have 3 bathrooms, but to her, every time she sees one bathroom, she forgets and counts it again… to her, we have a lot of toilets – her description of heaven.

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