A must read for caregivers — “A person immobilized by dementia has the potential to change a life with merely a glance or a touch”

A must read article for caregivers! This article brilliantly describes the stigma of being both elderly and having dementia. Yes, those of us with dementia can still have an impact of others. More

It reminds me so much of Louise Morse’s book, “Could it be dementia?



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  1. David, so true! I have often said that my mother, in her advanced stage of Lewy Body, is still teaching me life’s lessons. She has taught me greater patience, deeper commitment and grace under extreme pressure. The best thing is that, as this article reports, she also teaches those around her these same lessons coupled with real compassion and humor. We can learn from everything life throws at us, good or bad.

    Best wishes to you and yours,

  2. Hi David, you have had several blogs lately that had I had time I would have commented. This one is a must.

    I feel strongly that a drop in blood sugar is closely related to Dementia.

    I have noted for several years the change in my dear husband when he needs food. I have striven to serve his meals right on time because of it. Not to baby him, but because of realizing that his blood sugar was very low, and it always made a drastic change in him. Now he has LBD.
    Love to you and Pam,

  3. Very good info. thanks.

  4. Thank you, David, for this beautiful article! I hope it’s OK that I copied it for my group.
    I saw exactly what she says with my husband. Not only he did and said many things that made totally sense, but we also experienced other people treating him as a child, patronizing him and not listening to what he was trying to say with so much effort, even doctors! Sometimes the doctor was talking to me as if Sherman was not even in the room; in those cases, I diverted my eyes looking at him so the doctor would get the message. Some did and some didn’t!
    How can we better educate professionals and people in general?
    Please keep up the good work!
    Hugs to share,

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