Brain tumor, MRI and Computer Crash

Crying  GGGRRRWWWW!!! So much has happened. I just gained my computer and Internet access today. It crashed big time over 1 week ago. Fortunately I’ve liked computers and am a geek when it comes to tweaking and ‘suping up’ Vista and browsing speeds. Fortunately, I had my document files backed up including passwords and product keys. I worked at it a little bit day by day………and now…….Voila!

In addition to Pam having her chronic back and neck pain, she has been suffering from headaches more than usual. They now last 24-7 which she describes as a pounding throbbing headache. Two weeks ago she had her usual monthly visit with the pain specialist. He noticed muscle weakness in her upper shoulders and arms. So, he ordered an MRI of the neck. This past Friday, he called her saying that the MRI showed a mass on the back of her brain on the cerebellum. We both felt shock! She immediately thought of her mother’s brain tumor to which she succumbed. I immediately thought of the time when the Dr. told me my first wife and cancer. “Not 2 wives,” I thought.

She now has an MRI of the head scheduled for this Friday and will see a neurosurgeon on December 3.

We’re kind of reeling with the news but are remaining optimistic. Perhaps it’s just an arachnoid cyst which may need fenestration and a shunt. We will see.

Erik, Dr. Char and Dr. Howard………….I’ve been wanting to write you all an email but you can blame the computer crash on my not doing it.

We’re preparing for Pam’s brother, sister-in-law and their 2 children this weekend for the Thanksgiving holiday.

I need to start blogging more. But enough for today. Am still processing all my thoughts which I’ll be able to share later.



8 Responses

  1. Sending positive thoughts your way that everything will be okay with your wife.

  2. Good luck David praying for you guys.

  3. Dave,Pam,Chad and family,
    Hoping you have a wonderful Thanksgiving in light of some terrible news. Pray that findings are what you say they might be. Love to you and yours, kat

  4. I’m sorry to hear of Pam’s diagnosis.

    What about natural treatments?

  5. Wrapping our hearts around yours. pjaj

  6. My thoughts are with you all. I wish you the best possible Thanksgiving festivities.

  7. Dear David, Pam and Chad,

    You are all in my thoughts.

  8. Dear David and Pam, I am so terribly sorry, and Pam you are preparing dinner? Oh dear, you have my deepest regards and
    respect, as I wouldn’t do it.

    Pam, you are admired greatly for all that has been done in behalf of David, and the same goes for you David. Both of you have more on your plate than the average bear, as the saying goes.

    Hope it’s not terribly serious after all. We’ll all be watching with positive hearts.

    My love goes out to both of you with big warm hugs.

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