WordPress.com New 5-Star Feature for Blogs

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I’ve noticed that WordPress has now added a feature for its blog users.

On the left side at the top of each post, there are 5 stars which users can hover over and then click to rate each post.

I’m sure different people rate in his/her own particular way. What would help me the most is not so much the formatting of the post but the content. It would help me to post according to all of the reader’s needs. So feel free to rate on each post. Even if it’s a "poor" rating. That’s OK. I’ll just know to avoid the particular type of content in the future.

The ratings are totally anonymous to me. I have no access to who visits each page and who clicks on a rating star. Not even someone’s IP address. I will see the same thing that a visitor sees — The number of votes and the average rating as shown by the yellow stars.

Here is a picture of how a post would appear if it has not yet been rated.

5 Stars

And here is how it looks after 1 person has voted. In this case, the individual has voted 5 stars for the post.

5 Stars 2

WordPress automatically lists the number of votes and the number of yellow starts to represent the average of all ratings.

You can also rate anyone’s comment as well.

5 Stars 3

So have fun looking at the stars!



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