Arachnoid Cyst

I forgot to mention that the lesion on Pam’s brain is an arachnoid cyst which she’s had since birth. According to the brain MRI, he doesn’t feel that it’s causing any problems and probably not related to any of the chronic pain.

He will follow her with a yearly brain MRI.



6 Responses

  1. What a relief that must be, although it doesn’t of course solve the problems. Thank you for telling us all.

  2. Hi DAVID, THANK YOU FOR THIS UPDATE. Both of you have a hard row to hoe.

    Hang in there another Friday is coming.

  3. That is wonderful news! I’m glad it’s not causing any problems!

  4. So relieved for both of you. How wonderful to cross one nasty possibility off the list! But my prayers are still with both of you.

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  6. David, hope Pam is feeling better and that you guys are staying warm with all the wintry weather!

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