Tangled Neuron

I need to blog to you. I pulled this draft and see the title. I am not sure whhy I put it there. Cant remember how to make this blog machine make the spell misstakes get fixed.

I receive many nice emais from you. Thank you. I’m not doing to good over past while now. Seems harder to get ideas and thoughts out of my brain sometimes.

Pam says I swear aalot and act worse. She took me to the dr. He said front and temporary part of my brane is not doing to well now. He put me on a drug but it didnt make me feel right so I stopped taking it

I try to read on computer. To hard to do. I read little on the news like small short paragraphs. Very easy to understand. I try to study stuff like medicine but it is to hard. Many times I think maybe it as all dream that they say i was doctor You have to be genius dr to do that stuff. I sit in chair and think about all the things many years ago. I don’t knit to much now I dont know why

Pam need to have brane surgery maybe this year aaccording to her doctor.

So this is enough. Too hard to think much today. Maybe I wont blog with this program to much. It is very hard to use. Maybe because I forget it. Maybe I’ll study it when I go to college.


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  1. Keep trying doctor. I’m rooting for you. You and your wife have my prayers too. Sharon

  2. Dear Dr. Thomas, I wish you and your wife lived nearby so that I could stop in and make sure you were both eating well.

    Through observations, I noticed that when my mom’s blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol were all out of a normal range, she had trouble.

    Today, she has normal A1C, cholesterol is 114 and her blood pressure is back in a normal range.

    She stopped eating all dairy products and replaced them with lactose free versions. Her cholesterol dropped about 90 points in one week.

    R-Lipoic Acid and Acetly Carnitine are working great for her – 500 mg Acetyl Carnitine and 200mg of R-Lipoic Acid is the ratio.

    Someone had told me about it in reply to a blog post that I had commented. The woman was giving it to her dad and he improved. I researched it and found a study by scientists that say these 2 amino acids can help with tangled neurons. These 2 amino acids are in her daily supplement of Cognifactor – but not the same ratio as stated in the new study.

    My mom’s been taking the increased dose for a few weeks and she is getting better. She can do more things on her own, like turn on her mp3 player by herself. She is also able to sleep overnight at my sister’s house, giving my husband and me a much needed rest.

    There’s hope.

  3. It’s okay to slow down. The world is too fast these days anyway. Too much stress. Too many burdens. When my Dad gets too busy it makes his head itch. I tell my Dad that it’s okay to slow down. He doesn’t scratch so hard. We love you David. Your work is a blessing to all of us and I love to read your blog. Prayers and Goodwill always, Mark Haverly

  4. Dear David,
    Please keep trying! Don’t give up! I love to knit, but sometimes I knit every chance I get, and other times, the projects just sit on their needles waiting patiently for me to pick them up again – sometimes days, weeks, or even months go by.
    Sending prayers for you and for Pam,
    in NY

  5. Hi David,

    I went to Napa a few weeks ago and there are many good memories of you there. I was sitting in a workshop and remembered your spot in the back, knitting away. These are sweet memories.

    You and Pam had the greatest holiday parties. Do you still have your beautiful bird? Tom and I still have our African Grey and he remains a delight, most of the time.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you both.


  6. Dave, Can relate, in same boat with VaD. I keep trying
    YOU keep trying……..prayers for you and wife, love too

  7. What you say in your blog is always important to those of us who follow here. Keep at it and know we are thinking of you and Pam.
    We love hearint from you!

  8. Dear Dr David, you have given us/others more than you will ever know. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Try not to worry about Pam, I’m sure that is hard to do but everyone cares for her also.


  9. Thinking of you and Pam, Dr David! And wishing the best for you both.
    You contribute so much to those of us with dementia.

  10. Dear Dr. David:

    It sounds like you and Pam have a lot on your plate. I like the dietary suggestions made by Sue Higgins. If you’re having trouble with the computer and knitting, try and find something else that you might be interested in. I also hope that you’re able to get out and socialize and talk to real live people, even if you aren’t able to talk to us over the Internet!

    You’re in my thoughts.

  11. Yes, please keep trying. Your blogs are important, and serve as a portal into the lives of those we love who have LBD and are not able to communicate their thoughts in written form. Thank you for your efforts–I wish you peace and good days.

  12. Dr. David, I am so glad to hear from you. I agree that your blogs are important, and you are too. I know I’m not only speaking for myself when I saw that many of us have grown fond of you through your writings here and elsewhere. And you have helped me personally as well. I’m praying for you and for Pam (I didn’t know you have a bird, I have 10 parrots!) and will look forward to anything you can write, anytime, when you’re able. God bless you!

  13. Hi David,

    I have to tell you, that at times with my journey with my Dad, when I was his sole care giver that I felt you almost took me by the hand…as a friend, an on-line one and even though thousands of miles away, there were days when reading your posts helped me get through the day. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Sending you and Pam lots of love and best wishes.

  14. David and Pam,
    We’re praying for you. Keep trying – you guys are such strong people, don’t worry about us – we love to read your blog and hear how life goes, but if it makes your life harder to do it – we understand! Just enjoy each other and life now!
    The Detrick’s

  15. Thank you for making the effort to write – what you say is alwyas interesting. Look after yourself – take care – I wish you well.

  16. Hi David,

    I want to thank you for helping me through my care giving journey with my Dad, I am truly grateful. You are a scholar and a gentleman.

    Sending you and Pam and Chad lots of love and best wishes

  17. I am sorry you disease has caused a big decline in your abilities. I just mentioned you to someone today and wondered how you were doing and then this post appeared. I have FTD possibly LBD and I know that we all head down the same road. You are still you. You know how a computer sometimes has a broken interface, well you have a broken interface but behind that interface exists who you are. We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. Do not worry about not understanding, remembering or not being able to do things. You are gradually leaving this human body and soon you will be journeying on in your true form. You may not be able to understand what I am saying but our souls are able to talk to each other. Do not worry about what you can’t do. Think about good things that make you happy. Don’t worry about who you were, your true self is still with you. Look at pretty pictures, listen to music that you like, think about things that make you happy. You have done well in this life and learned alot that you will take with you. Rest, enjoy good food when you are able to eat. There is another journey ahead of you so for now pray, spend time with God however you imagine God and I will keep you in my heart and in my prayers. When it is my time to lose my connections to this world, you will be gone from here continuing your journey. Takc care and maybe someday we will meet in a place where no one suffers. Good night and sleep well.

  18. Dear David, I am so blessed by your courage, along with that of Pam’s, and your reliance on our precious Lord Jesus. Hang on hard to Him, knowing you are being prayed for by so many! And KNOW what a vital impact you have made and continue to make in the lives and hearts of so many. Praying extra today! 🙂

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