What are your top 3 favorite brain teasers, puzzles and games?


What the heck is this all about? I spend so much time surfing the net in order to learn new things and to help keep me sharp. So, I’ve not paid much attention to the blog’s host  — WordPress. I certainly am not a good computer geek and have struggled to learn how to blog half decently. I just discovered that there is a feedback page for each blogger of his/her stats. One of them is how many people clicked on the blog to read it. Take a look at the chart. It has no rhyme nor reason to it. The pattern of the number of clicks from January 20 to the present just doesn’t make any good sense to me. One day it’s way down and then it suddenly jumps to a high number. And I don’t see a correlation between the contents of each post day to day and the number of clicks. Just another one of those mysterious things in life. The internet never ceases to amaze me…


Enough for today. Enjoy voting!


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