Chickens Lay Eggs in Bright Light

There are 12+ inches of snow in the front yard with 2-4 more coming! Erie’s Mayor declared an emergency for the city. Can you tell I have very fond memories of deep snow and powerful snow storms from childhood?

Last night I continued to feel sleep deprived which didn’t help the brain synapses. My step-father’s sister lived on a farm. I thought my Aunt Lu told me that the chickens would lay eggs better with more light since it’s so dark in the winter, so I turned on all the lights in the house. Pam had stepped out for a few minutes. Pam returned shortly and reminded me that Aunt Lu had died when I was in high school. I had some trouble finding where the kitchen was too. Today is better after some good sleep! Thank the Lord………one day at a time.

Amy and Gerald Throop were gracious enough to send me a complementary copy of their book, “Living with Lewy’s.” I’ll be posting a review of it on the blog. I still need to post the reviews for two other books. Just need to get around to it.

Living With Lewy’s

Empowering Today’s Dementia Caregiver

A Revolutionary New Survival Guide For All Caregivers
Especially for Caregivers of Patients with Dementia With Lewy Bodies, Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias

Foreword by

Dr. Carol F. Lippa, M.D., Professor of Neurology,

Drexel University College of Medicine,

Chair, Medical advisory Committee of the

Lewy Body Dementia Association

Written By Family Caregivers, For Family Caregivers

Amy J. Throop and Gerald S. Throop

If You’re One Of America’s 52 Million Caregivers, This Book Is For You!
Living With Lewy’s Answers A Thousand Questions For Caregivers. This book is easy to understand and organized so you can find answers quickly, day or night. It’s the companion book that you will refer to time and time again. This Is A Must Have Book For All Caregivers!

This book contains vital information about Dementia With Lewy Bodies, Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

ALL Caregivers Will Benefit From Information About:

*Support systems *Your personal health *Simple-safe care methods *Sleep improvement for caregiver and patient *Stress relieving techniques *Safe bath time *Continence management *Reducing falls *Diet, exercise and more

America’s 9 million dementia caregivers will discover:

•Life saving information about medications. •Up to date information from leading dementia specialists. •How to better understand each specific type of dementia. •How to seek professional help or a second diagnosis. •Care methods to cope with specific disabilities. •How to manage dangerous behaviors and much more.

Complete Financial Information About:

*Low or no cost respite *Tax breaks for caregivers
*Medicare Parts A, B and D – Prescription Drug Coverage
*Social Security Disability Insurance *Sick leave *Asset protection *Early retirement and much, much more.

Here is Hope’s response to the great folks who commented to her.

Warmly……….David Thomas

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