Sunday November 2, 2008


The 60th today. A quiet sunny fall day today opening birthday presents from Pam and Chad. Thank you both!


Stunned! How did I miss it? Used to be on top of this stuff. It wasn’t until yesterday that I realized that the end of Daylight Saving Time was this weekend. I thought it was last week. Since the computer and my atomic wrist watch automatically change time in the spring and fall, I just thought I was adjusting well last Sunday with the change of time. I still can’t believe it. It might not seem a big deal to a lot of people but to go a whole week thinking the clocks had been changed. I’d like to just chalk it up to getting older. And maybe that’s all it is. Just a trick my brain played on me. But no use in analyzing it too much…it happened and I’ll move on.


Today is the big 60 for me. My first birthday which I am aware that I have Lewy Body Disease. Last year after the diagnosis, I just don’t remember at all. But I still emotionally feel like I’m in my 40s. My brother, Paul, and his wife, Sharon, came to visit us yesterday along with my niece, Tasha. Paul is an Assembly of God Minister in Beaver Falls, PA. and Sharon is the Coordinator for the Women’s Missionary Council for the Pennsylvania-Delaware Assembly of God District. Tasha just graduated from Central Bible College. (Hey…any single guys out there looking for a beautiful red-head!!?? But you have to go through me first. Smile, smile.) And Nick, my nephew, is the Pastor of Church Planting & Development at Allison Park Church in Pittsburgh, PA. Thanks you guys! You are the 2nd to visit our new little retirement home. Tash, thanks for the game, Apples to Apples. I never heard of the game before but playing it was a great way to spend an afternoon with family on a nice fall day. For some reason, even with family, I felt embarrassed and little ashamed whenever I had a little trouble getting a piece of turkey off the main plate. Just whenever I think the tremors are gone, they quickly and surprisingly take me off guard.


And yes. My birthday wish was for a copy of Dr. Thomas Graboys’ book, “Life in the Balance.” It is about a physician’s memoir of life, love and loss with Parkinson’s Disease and Dementia. I can’t wait to start reading it today. Thanks, Pammie!! I have to be truthful. I am excited to read Dr. Graboys’ book but at the same time I think I’m dreading to feel many of the emotions which will creep in as I read the book. I suspect it’s one of these readings that I’ll have to put down and pick up frequently. But I’m ready. It’ll be another growing experience.


I used to think 60 was very very old. Of course, now I don’t. I used to poo-poo my past birthdays. Now I cherish today and appreciate all the memories and experiences over the past 60 years. When the time comes when I won’t be able to read my daily musings on the blog, I think it’ll help to have Pam read it to me over and over again.


Pam, I’m worried about you. I’m glad you’re seeing the Dr. tomorrow. Low potassium, low iron……….no wonder you’re tired!!




Friday October 31, 2008



Why do drugstores make the sick walk all the way to the back of the store to get their prescriptions while healthy people can buy cigarettes at the front?



I know. I have a real soft spot in my heart for caregivers. Maybe I went overboard last night. I ended up sending 50+ emails to newspaper editors and government officials last night about November being the National Family Caregivers Month. I received an email today from Helene Moore part of which states, “word of mouth is potent, and my words are spreading, slowly but surely. So, maybe. Just maybe one of those emails will touch someone’s heart! I’ll see. But then I’ll never know but that’s OK too. Someone will have read the emails anyhow.


So, to all caregivers. There undoubtedly will come the time whenever I won’t be able to verbalize or to share this. While I have the wherewithal to do it, I give you my thanks and respect for all you do for your loved ones and friends. The energy you give, the sacrifices, the hurt and pain you sometimes go through, the joy and sorrow along with your own need to have rest and to be comforted just like anyone else. Your patience with me (and I speak on behalf of those who can’t) is appreciated. Pure and simple. I don’t know how else to say it.


Thank you, Pam. You are the best wife anyone could have. I am blessed that God gave you to me through the paths that we least expected. Please remember this in your moments of weakness and despair.



I finally started to make a few posts on the forums on the Lewy Body Dementia website. One of the forums is specifically designed for those of us who actually have LBD. So far, this forum is slow. But I’d like to see it be an avenue of support we can give to each other. Certain things will be easier to understand and to deal with after hearing it from another sufferer.


The source of most of our frustrations and anxiety are the result of living in the future, or in the past.




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