Tuesday afternoon October 21, 2008

“Our memories are who we are. And if we lose our memories we lose that groundedness of who we are.” 

So, it’s been a good couple of days. Sunny weather, leaves blowing from the trees, cutting and mulching the grass and leaves. It helps me. Something physical. Earthy. A sweet fresh smell but yet a musty smell. The awesome arrangements of color — greens, blown, red, yellows — the hues, the tints and the shades. The shapes of the leaves –– large, full, perfectly symmetrical, small, withered, jagged, smooth, dead looking. All of them complimenting each other and none of them the same. Each one is just as important as the one next to it. Nothing boring about the picturesque and pretty beauty before me while mowing.

Kinda like all of us. We are all so different but we all complement each other. We have different smells, different colors, different shapes. Some of us are fresh looking and some of us look withered and old. Maybe even deathlike. But like the leaves, we provide a pleasant and pictorial element to the world.


Ok. So I added a new page to the blog today called “Brain Training.” These are some of the links which I had posted several days ago. Hopefully, WordPress will show them on the page all in the same color. I think I’d eventually like to add a category on the site called Brain Training and then list all the sites on the right hand side of the page. 

What strikes me about this whole thing on brain exercises is this. My neurologist in San Francisco told me this before we moved to PA. “If you like to do crafts, then rotate them — do a different type of craft every day or whenever possible. Don’t do the same craft everyday. And the same goes for other brain puzzles and exercises. If you like to do crossword puzzles, then don’t do them everyday. Change to a sudoku, a kakuro, a jigsaw puzzle, etc., etc. Rotate them so you force the brain to make new links. She explained that the idea was to avoid “monotony” on the brain. The same old things day after day don’t stimulate the brain.














There are dozens and dozens of websites that feature all types and kinds of brain exercises.


To the readers……….please add your favorite website(s) you’ve found useful to you or to others. If possible, I will add it to my list which I’ll put on the right side of the blog.



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